10 Amazing Pearls Of Yoga Wisdom

Some people say that the practice of Yoga has a profound effect on a person. They say that it can heal ill-health, relax the body and mind, and that it even has the ability to heal mental illness. Yoga is a powerful practice, and this is what these pearls of wisdom show you.

Yoga is a wonderful discipline that can help you develop a mental and physical discipline. It can reduce stress and keep you fit, but you need to learn the basics first. The following list will give you a more of a comprehensive overview of the major aspects of yoga.

Let’s face it, many people are extremely intimidated by the thought of learning an ancient form of healing. The reason for this is that it requires the intense practice of focus, meditation, and discipline, which are things that can be rather difficult to master. While yoga can actually help us to feel better, it can also be our best tool for helping us to become the best version of ourselves.

Whether you’re new to the mat, an experienced practitioner or a teacher, these 10 pearls of yoga wisdom can remind you how to get the most out of your practice.

  1. 99% of yoga is done on a mat. You can read about this and think what you want, but the benefits of the practice are real.
  2. Some days you will be more flexible than others. Accept them all and enjoy your practice, even if it is tense.
  3. Yoga is a great way to expand your consciousness. You’ll be surprised how well you listen to your thoughts when you work out. Practice listening to your teacher’s voice and over time you will develop the ability to ignore the chatter in your head (on and off the mat!).
  4. Yoga is an individual and personal practice where there is no measure of success or failure.
  5. Find ease in any pose, whether it’s easy or difficult for you. Breathe, smile, and feel how the hard edges begin to soften.
  6. Be aware of any feeling of resistance that may arise when performing the postures, pranayama or meditation. This can reveal important areas of disturbance that yoga can help you overcome.
  7. If you feel uncomfortable, ask yourself: Is the discomfort physical, emotional or mental? There is a big difference, and when feelings come up on a mental or emotional level, you go through them. Magic will happen when you do!
  8. If you are unable to train due to injury or illness, you can still benefit greatly from visualization. Sit or lie down in the back of the classroom and imagine doing what the teacher says. It’s amazing how well it works!
  9. Do not compare yourself to other students in the class. When you find that your gaze is focused on the bent people in the front row, bring it back to your mat, your body and your breath with an effort of will.
  10. The yoga community is filled with loving, compassionate and supportive people who are committed to making a difference in the world. If you have a question you’d like to ask your yoga teacher or other practitioner, feel free to ask. I guarantee they’ll be very happy you did.

We wish you many joyful, peaceful and transformative yoga moments!