10 Awesome Yoga Poses For Men

Yoga is very popular these days, specially with people who are looking for a way to stay fit and active. Yoga is also very helpful in reducing stress and increasing mental health. So, there are many people who practice yoga these days. And if you are one of them, you must be looking for some new yoga poses that will help you improve your health and body. To help you with this, here is a list of the top 10 yoga poses for men that you must learn today.

We all know that yoga gives great flexibility, strength, and increased well-being, but sometimes men are not keen on doing it because it is seen as something only women do. However, Yoga is not just for women, it can be easily done by men as well. Here are 10 awesome yoga poses for men.

The yoga poses men need to know for their bodies type, here are the best yoga poses for men. These yoga poses for men are simple and effective, especially for men having any health problem (such as diabetes, heart problems, muscular issues, prostate issue, high blood pressure, wrist pain/tear, back pain, knee pain, etc.).

Guys, this is for you. Yoga is not just for women. As a carrier of the Y chromosome, you can benefit greatly from lying on a yoga mat and moving your body. In fact, men may benefit more from certain yoga poses than women because of the larger, tighter muscles that men generally possess.

If the idea of a backbone or twisting and weaving seems too intimidating for you, fear not. You can still experience many asanas that open the legs, hips, chest and shoulders, and some even help strengthen the muscles of the whole body.

If you want to have more fun in class, you can even join a free 30-day yoga challenge to motivate you to get on your mat every day. When you’re ready for a class, try these 10 yoga poses to get started.

1. Standing pre-fold

Uttanasana, the standing forward bend, exposes the back of the legs, hips and back. This attitude is even more attractive to men who are not obese, because it is easy to change. If you can’t reach the ground, place your hands on your hips, calves or ankles, or use blocks to shorten the distance.


In addition to stretching the muscles, standing forward bends lower blood pressure, relieve headaches, improve circulation and help you sleep better. When you let gravity work in this pose and relax your head and neck, you can also reduce the tension you carry in your upper body.

2. Warrior One

This iconic pose stretches men where they need it most: in the hips and shoulders. Virabhadrasana not only opens these tense areas, but is also a strengthening posture. It strengthens the thigh muscles and the area around the knees, which means more stability and protection for sensitive joints during intense sports.


Do you want stronger shoulders? Try to hold this pose for 10 to 15 breaths, and you’ll never doubt that yoga is physically challenging.

3. Seat location

Back to the question of whether yoga is physically demanding for tough men.


Chair pose, or utkatasana, can make even the most macho among men cry. The chair pose works your quads, ankles, buttocks and shoulders and opens up your chest, developing greater stability. It is also useful for improving flat feet and stimulating the abdominal organs.

4. Trolling dog

It’s a pose that just makes you say aaah. The Head Down Dog, or Adho Mukha Svanasana, draws attention to all the tight areas that men suffer from – hamstrings, calves, arms, shoulders, back, hips and more. And while stretching the body, Downward Dog also strengthens the arms and legs.


Perhaps even more important to men is what the downward dog does for the heart. This amazing asana strengthens the heart as it improves circulation, relieves stress and helps fight high blood pressure.

5. Dog upstairs


Another dog pose, Urdvha Mukha Swansana, can help open the chest and strengthen the back and arms. This pose helps anyone who spends too many hours a day sitting at a desk or in a car by opening up the abdominal and hip muscles.

For men who also enjoy more intense workouts, the Face Up Dog is a great way to warm up to stretch the muscles and get the blood flowing before expecting a full body workout.

Up Dog also helps people who have trouble breathing.

6. Boat Station


Another great strengthening pose, the boat pose or navasana, gives you firm abs because it also strengthens the hip flexors and spine. This pose is particularly beneficial for men because it stimulates the prostate and also helps to increase awareness and reduce tension in the pelvic area.

If you’re the kind of person whose key to the heart is through the stomach, you’ll love the boot pose because it stimulates digestion and ensures good circulation.

7. Butterfly assembly

Baddha Konasana increases blood flow to the pelvis, kidneys, prostate and bladder….. and I don’t need to tell you what other areas of your life a better blood flow in the pelvic area can help you with.


The butterfly pose is also a good way to bring attention to the mula bandha, the root closure, which also brings awareness and more energy to the area around the hips. (wink, wink)

8. Half Blue

Hips tight? Half Pigeon will be your best friend. This pose is difficult, but you can relax into it as your hips open more and more. Since the Hemi powerfully opens your glutes, hamstrings, adductors and hip flexors, it can help you with physical activities, carrying heavy objects, etc.


Once you have released the tension in your hips, you will feel the benefits in your lower back and other parts of your body.

9. Deck installation


It’s not uncommon for men to have muscle tension in the upper body, but the bridge pose can help open up the upper body and loosen tense muscles. Whether you realize it or not, tension in this area causes shallow breathing and can even make other physical activities difficult.

Over time, practicing bridge pose will create more space in your chest and allow you to breathe more easily and completely.

10. Hand extended at big toe

This is another posture that seems difficult at first, but this posture opens the lower back to allow the energy to flow more freely, and when it does, it also stimulates the prostate and improves digestion.


There may still be more women than men in yoga studios, but things are changing. More and more men are coming to the mat to stretch, strengthen, breathe and open up. If you’ve been wanting to try this for a while, but you’re a little hesitant about it, try doing these poses at home until you feel better and you’ll see how yoga can help you in all areas of your life.

Then try yoga. Who knows, you may soon be inviting your friends to your yoga class.

After a day of struggling to clear your mind at work, you want to initiate that calming yoga routine that calms your nerves and soothes your soul. You can link your yoga teacher to your phone and use the app to start the practice right away. However, you can also do it at your own pace and learn these easy yoga poses that will help you to stay calm at any time of the day.