4 Fun Yoga Games for Kids That Teach More Than Just Yoga

Do your kids love to play games? Yoga is a great way to encourage your kids to build coordination, balance, and endurance. But what if your child is a little more competitive than most? It’s time to up the ante and find out if your child has what it takes to be a Yoga pro!

These yoga games are designed for kids of different ages and help them understand the basic concepts of yoga. They can be used to give your little one a little push in the right direction. Kids Yoga Games are a fun way to learn yoga for kids. Try these games for your child to help them understand how yoga on a physical level can help them.

When I was a kid, I loved playing games. Whether it was playing hide and seek or a game of tag, I loved games that kept me moving. As a yoga teacher for families, I consider the games to be the most important part of the class. Not only are they useful for teaching different yoga poses, but they also allow you to teach children in different ways.

If you’re a parent who has always wanted to do yoga, but hasn’t had the chance to do it yet, I highly recommend the free 30 Day Yoga Challenge. By practicing daily, you will become more confident and feel prepared to deal with children when they are out of control and need to have fun!

Here are some fun yoga games for kids that will not only teach them about yoga, but also contribute to their learning and development.

1. Freeze Dance Yoga Style

Almost all children love to dance. It’s a game where kids let off steam, shake, wiggle, spin and dance to their favorite tunes, and then, without warning, have to stop or freeze their bodies when the music stops. There’s something about impatiently waiting for the music to stop that excites kids and makes them laugh.

How to play: You can do Freeze Dance yoga style. Just play your favorite song and ask the kids to dance. When the music stops, call out the name of the yoga pose and ask students to stand in that pose. It also tests their knowledge of attitudes.

Remember, if you do a one-sided pose, you should ask them to repeat it on the other side. It’s fun to see what moves faster, the mind or the body, as they think and try to strike a pose.

What they will learn: The benefit of the Freeze Dance yoga style is that it promotes self-regulation and the ability to regulate and control the body. And of course, it’s fun!

2. Yoga Run

Don’t worry, you don’t have to make the kids run across the room with this game. This is a type of race where you don’t run – the students run instead.

How to play: The teacher stands first at one end of the room and the students at the other end. If the teacher’s back is turned, the students should approach the teacher. When the teacher turns around, he or she announces a pose, and the students must stay in place and quickly assume that pose. Whoever gets to the teacher first leads the game.

What they will discover: This game supports children in their self-control. It teaches them to resist the urge to run and know when to stop. It is based on the teacher’s visual cues and teaches the children to follow the instructions given to them.

3. Yoga Challenge

This can be done in many ways. It is good that the group is familiar with the different yoga postures. If not, first give a short demonstration of a few yoga postures to familiarize the participants with the different postures.

How to play: It is not enough to say the name of the pose and ask the students to do it. You can give them tasks that allow them to find different poses.

For example, you might say: I suggest you do a pose where you have to keep your balance, or I suggest you find a pose where both hands are on the ground. As you add tasks, you can see how their creativity grows. After each exercise, you can try to perform a series of postures together.

What they will discover: This game requires students to use their memory to recall specific poses and practice motor control. This promotes a better mind-body connection as they become more mindful in their postures.

4. Stupid Train

This game offers the perfect balance of fun and mischief while teaching kids to follow instructions.

How to play: Have all students stand in a straight line behind the teacher. Make sure there is about one to two inches of space between the students. The teacher or person leading the training chooses the pose that will eventually be performed by everyone. When the leader is ready, he leads the train across the room.

Passengers or people following them dance or move as stupidly as possible while staying in line or on the train. However, as soon as the leader turns around, everyone should immediately assume the above pose. You can take turns changing the platoon leaders after they go around the room. Tip: Put on some background music for more fun.

What they will discover: This game helps children navigate through space and encourages a sense of direction and organization.

I hope you enjoyed these games. Try them and let me know how they work!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make yoga more fun for kids?

Yoga is a great way to get kids moving and active. Try incorporating some of these ideas into your practice: -Play games like hopscotch, jump rope, or tag during your practice. -Use props like a yoga ball, a chair, or a wall to help kids get into different poses. -Have kids try out some of the poses in the Kids Yoga section of our website. -Have kids try out some of the poses in our Kids Yoga DVD. -Have kids try out some of the poses in our Kids Yoga App. How can I make yoga more fun for adults? Yoga is a great way to get adults moving and active. -Use props like a yoga ball, a chair, or a wall to help adults get into different poses. -Have adults try out some of the poses in the Adults Yoga section of our website.

How can I make yoga more fun?

There are many ways to make yoga more fun. Some people like to do a lot of jumping and moving around, while others prefer to focus on the breath and stillness. You can also try different poses or props, such as a chair or block.

How do high school students teach yoga?

High school students can teach yoga in a variety of ways. Some high school students may teach yoga to their peers, while others may teach it to younger children or adults.