7 Best Shoulder-Opening Yoga Poses

When you want to open your shoulders but you don’t have the time to do a full yoga session, then this is the post for you. In this post, we have listed 7 yoga poses that you can do to open your shoulders and also get relief from pain and strain in your shoulders.

The shoulder is one of the most complex joints in the body. It’s made of three connective tissue sections: the scapula, the clavicle, and the humerus. The scapula rests on the thoracic spine which itself rests on the rib cage. As a result, this area is prone to strain and injury.

Yoga, the ancient Sanskrit word for union, is a practice that helps us to calm the mind and become one with the universe. One of the most important benefits of yoga is that it helps you gain flexibility, stability and peace of mind. Here are some of the best yoga poses that can help you to achieve this.. Read more about yoga poses for shoulders and let us know what you think.The shoulders are one of the areas of the body where the most tension occurs. Those of us who sit at a desk all day or spend long hours in the car know that our shoulders are tense and need attention.

Yoga poses that focus on the shoulders are a great way to release this tension. Of course, it’s not just the shoulders that store stress and tension. From your jaw to the space between your eyes, your body may take a while to unravel. Start with your shoulders, then try to open up the rest of your body with this free 30-day yoga challenge. Regular exercise makes your whole body move smoothly.

Here are the 7 best shoulder-opening yoga poses you can practice to start releasing tension:

1. Creating children


This pose is an excellent passive pose for many parts of the body, but especially for the shoulders. By folding your legs and bringing your hands to the edge of the mat, you allow your shoulders to open and relax.

Make sure your shoulders don’t go up to your ears, but rather along your back. Hold this position for a minute or two to allow the stretch to penetrate deep into the muscles.

2. Making a child with block


After the initial opening provided by the child’s attitude, I like to take the block and take it to the next level. Place a block on the mat, bring your hands forward on the mat so that your hips come off your heels. Place your elbows on a block and point your hands toward the ceiling in a prayer pose.

Now lower your head between your forearms and pull your hips back slightly. You will feel a strong stretch in your shoulders, so only do what is safe for your body.

3. Rabbit pose


Sit on all fours with your knees hip-width apart and place your head on the mat. Put your hands behind your back to grip the top of your feet. At the same time, stretch out to your feet and push your shoulder blades forward. This gives a good exposure of the shoulder blades.

4. Thread and needle


Get back on your hands and knees. Raise your right arm toward the ceiling, then slide it under your left arm while pressing your right shoulder and cheek against the mat. The hip has to stay up. If you want to train your left shoulder at the same time, extend your left arm behind your back to your right hip. Do this on both sides.

5. Eagle Arms


This posture can be done standing in the eagle pose or sitting on the mat. Place your right elbow under your left elbow and cross your hands so that your palms are touching. Try moving your shoulders away from your ears as you raise your elbows to deepen the stretch.

6. Hands with cow’s face


Again, stay in the easy pose with your legs crossed or bend your knees for the Cow face pose. Pull your right hand behind you and place your palm between your shoulder blades. Remove your left hand and try to grasp the fingers of your right hand.

If your hands aren’t touching, grab the fabric of your shirt or use a belt. Practice on both sides.

7. Arms bent forward over head on wide legs


Take a wide stance or place your feet together with your knees bent. Cross your fingers behind your back. Extend your upper body forward by raising your arm above your head and away from your body. Be gentle with yourself, as this attitude can be exhausting.

As with all yoga postures, listen to your body and consider any existing injuries or sensitivities when performing these postures. The shoulders are a sensitive part of the body and it is important not to overload them.

I don’t recommend doing all of these poses in a row, but rather choose two or three to do in the morning or evening to prevent tension from building up in your shoulders. Have fun!

Shoulder-opening yoga poses are a great way to stretch and release the shoulders. These yoga poses work the muscles in the back of the shoulder and release tension in the neck, upper back, and shoulders. This can help to alleviate symptoms of upper back pain.. Read more about yoga poses for shoulder strength and let us know what you think.

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