7 Crazy Yoga Poses That Look Humanly Impossible

Yoga is a lot more than just stretching. It’s about connecting with yourself, taking an honest look at yourself and your life, and making positive changes to help you live a more balanced, healthy life. Yoga is a practice, and as with any practice, each person is going to find their own individual path to yoga.

Yoga is a great way to get in shape. The poses help your body get stronger, and they can help you relax and breathe better. Of course, the poses also look a little silly when you are doing them, because you look more like a human pretzel than a human being.

Yoga is a very interesting practice that has a lot of different benefits to it, like improving your body, mind and soul. People often ask me how to get started with it and the answer is really simple: you just need to do it. You can do it anywhere, anytime… even in your bedroom! Yes, you’re right, I’m about to show you 7 crazy yoga poses that look humanly impossible and will definitely challenge your body.. Read more about difficult yoga poses for 2 and let us know what you think. Yogis can sometimes resemble acrobats: the crunching poses and crazy balances they master and perform. It’s important to note that although some advanced yoga postures look like gymnastics (discussed in Mark Singleton’s book Yoga of the Body), they are actually still part of the yoga asana tradition.

More importantly, not all yogis are willing or able to practice and perform these postures – and that’s fine. Check out these crazy yoga poses below. Have you ever tried any of them?

1. Scorpio (Austrian Yoga)


In the lower variations, Scorpio can be practiced on the forearms or hands against a wall. Moving your toes to your head takes this pose to the next level.

2. Turtle (Kurmasana)


The turtle pose deepens the sitting forward bend (Upavishtha Konasana) by placing the hands under the hips and resting the forehead on the ground.

3. Cricket (Salabhasana)


For many yogis, the traditional cricket pose, practiced with the feet a few inches off the ground, is the foundation of their practice and a great way to safely strengthen the back. In this extreme presentation of grasshoppers, the legs are raised into the air (and sometimes even touch the head).

4. Peacock Lotus (Padmasana Mayurasana)

A lotus or a peacock alone is not enough of a challenge for you? By combining them, you can achieve a pose that seems humanly impossible.

5. Elbow Wheel Pose (Chakrasana)


The traditional wheel pose, when performed accurately and deliberately, is a safe and reasonably accessible back pose for many intermediate and advanced yogis. Rolling with the elbows is really an expression of the mind (and body) bending the wheel.

6. Frog (Bhekasana)


Pushing the soles of the feet to the ground in a frog seems to be reserved for our yogis with two joints. It’s certainly a crazy pose that seems humanly impossible.

7. Feet behind your head (Eka Pada Sirsana)


Many students new to yoga often jokingly ask: Shouldn’t I keep my feet above my head? Of course not, but some people pose with their feet behind their head for this expression.

What do you think of these poses? Have you ever practiced? Is that what you’re doing?

Yoga is a very interesting exercise and poses. It is a great exercise for your body and mind. It helps in strengthening and toning the muscles while at the same time it helps in relaxing the mind. When practicing yoga, it is sometimes hard to know which yoga pose to do and what will be the best yoga poses for you to practice.