7 Gentle Yoga Poses Before Leaving Your Bed In The Morning

Despite the large popularity of yoga, the practice is still not well-known by many. It may sound strange at first, but you can do yoga before you get out of bed in the morning. That’s right, you can practice yoga before leaving your bed. This pose, a part of Ashtanga Yoga, uses the breath to stretch and relax the body.

A quick yoga session before bed will allow you to wake up fresh and relaxed in the morning. But before you start stretching, check out the 7 most beneficial yoga poses for waking up early.

You are in bed. You wake up in the morning. You have to get up. However, you feel tired. You do not want to get up. You hate the thought of getting up in the morning. You avoid going to the gym and you skip going to the yoga class. You are getting depressed. You do not know what to do. You do not want to feel tired and lazy in the morning. You do not want to feel tired and weak. You want to feel energized and energetic. So, how do you do it? How to get up in the morning and get energized?. Read more about morning stretches in bed for seniors and let us know what you think. Hello, sunshine! You may not be at your smartest every morning. Therefore, morning rituals are a great way to awaken the senses and enable the mind to face the challenges of each day with ease and grace. If you’re looking for a morning ritual to stick to, I suggest you sign up for a free 30-day yoga challenge. By exercising daily under supervision, you will develop a routine that you can handle well.

To help you start your day off right, I’ve put together a few yoga poses that are perfect for starting your day even before you get out of bed.

Before you begin, remember that it is important to breathe fully during each pose. Stay in each asana for 5 to 10 breaths. Constantly scan your body for new sensations. With each transition, allow your eyes and jaw to remain flexible as you gently adjust your body to each position.

You can do this routine right from bed or get your yoga mat ready and get started. Here’s a list of the top 7 gentle morning postures:

1. Baby posture with wide legs – Balasana


  • Gently strokes the hips, thighs and ankles.

2.  Reclining Angle Posture – Supta Baddha Konasana


  • Stimulates the heart and improves general circulation.
  • Stretches the groin, hips and knees.


3.  Happy Child Pose – Ananda Balasana

  • Stretches the inner thighs, groin and knees.
  • Helps relieve stress and calm the brain.

4.  Supa Matsyendrasana – Supa lying flexion


  • Stretches and relaxes the spine.
  • The abdominal massage helps to get rid of toxins.
  • Promotes good digestion.

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5.  Cow face pose – Gomukhasana with eagle hands

  • Stretches the ankles, hips and thighs, shoulders, armpits and triceps, and chest.

6.  Seated Forward Bend – Pashchimottanasana


  • Stretches the spine, shoulders and hamstrings.
  • Stimulates the liver, kidneys, ovaries and uterus.
  • Improves digestion.

7.   Cross-legged position – Sukasana, then begin to consciously breathe with the three-part breath – Dirgha. You will apply the breath in three parts, top, middle and bottom in your lungs. Let your chest and belly expand, your collarbones lengthen and your heart open with each breath.


Then add the sound ocean breath – Ujjayi, which consists of three parts: 4 counts of inhalation and 6 counts of exhalation. Do this exercise for 3 to 5 minutes, keeping your breathing regular and rhythmic.

If you do these postures and exercises every morning, you will have your feet on the ground before you even touch the ground. Yoga has long been a great way to improve flexibility, mental clarity, and physical strength. If you are looking to incorporate a new yoga routine into your daily life, these poses are a great place to start. In this article, we will show you the various yoga poses and the benefits of each of them.