7 Things Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Yoga

The past few years have seen a major shift in the yoga industry—institutions have opened up and online yoga classes are now the norm. However, not all of these courses are created equal. There are some fantastic ones out there, and there are others that have questionable integrity. Here are seven things that Wikipedia can’t tell you about yoga:

Yoga has been around for thousands of years, and it has been a staple of religious and cultural practices around the world. There are many different styles of yoga, all of which are based on the practice of asanas (postures). Traditionally, yoga was practiced as part of Hindu and Buddhist ceremonies. Today, yoga has expanded and is practiced for a variety of reasons, including spiritual and physical health needs.

According to Wikipedia, yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice or discipline that refers to different schools, practices and goals. But anyone who has fallen in love with the practice knows that yoga is much more than what can be defined on Wikipedia.

Everyone’s favorite encyclopedia can tell you about the 4000-year history of yoga, but there are some things you can only learn about yoga by practicing it yourself.

1. Starting with yoga is easier than you think.


Whether it’s yoga on YouTube or a beginner’s class at your local gym, it’s easy to find a practice that works for you, even if you’ve never touched your toes in your life. Start slow, respect your body, and you will become a true yogi without even realizing it.

2. No matter how fit you are, you will be in pain at first.

Yoga uses very different muscles than the ones you are used to, even if you are already a gym queen. But it’s a good burn, right?

3. But after a while, your training will no longer be limited to the mat.

Yoga is the link between mind, body and soul. Once you start paying attention to this connection, you will be inspired to make more changes in your lifestyle. Last year, for example, my favorite drink was a margarita. I’m going for a healthy green smoothie this year!

4. Yoga is highly contagious.

Once your friends notice your blissful state of mind (and your new butt), they’ll want to join you. Don’t be surprised if all your friends start doing yoga too.

5. Every yogi has a pose that he masters perfectly!


6. …and one they cannot do.

Don’t worry about it. You’ll get there eventually.

7. Yoga will truly change your life – and you can never go back!


You’ll be happier, healthier and more resilient to life’s stresses, so why take a step back? Spoiler alert: They don’t! Once you get into it, that’s it – you can be a yogi for life. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.