9 Yoga Poses And Mantras For Happiness

When you hear the word yoga, it can evoke many different ideas of what it means, from a spiritual practice to a competitive sport. It can be used to describe a person, place, or movement. Whatever it means to you, we hope that by reading through this article it will inspire you to practice yoga more often!

A yoga pose is a position or series of movements in which the body is held in a specific plane or orientation. Yoga, the practice, is often associated with the physical practice of . Each pose is held for a length of time, and it is generally considered as a part of the practice of yoga, as opposed to the practice of .

What is the ultimate goal of life?

The great philosophers of our time may know the answer to this question better, but in my humble opinion, being happy is easy.

The goal is to make happiness your neutral point – the starting point of each day. Choose happiness as soon as you wake up instead of thinking it has to be achieved.

Life can throw many curve balls at us on our life’s path. Our paths change, jobs are lost, hearts are broken, we lose loved ones, and we can lose our bearings in this ever-changing landscape. But if we can find a way to be happy within ourselves through all of this, then I truly believe we can find our inner peace.

Happiness is your birthright, so claim it

Choosing happiness requires us to be present. We can lose ourselves in fear, anger or even despair, or we can smile and be positive, bring all that wonderful positivity into our lives and practice gratitude instead!

Learn to see how invaluable these choices are every morning when you wake up. A simple choice that can make your day look completely different!

Become one of those people who choose to be all they can be, to enjoy each day, to make the most of life and to really live life rather than just exist.

Create your own happiness

In our relationships and other areas of life, we often rely on someone else to make us happy. Some of us are guilty of waiting for a special person in our world to be happy.

The saddest thing about these statements I’ll only be happy if…. is that they have a lot of expectations and they don’t allow themselves to live fully in the moment. Instead, realize that WE are the creators of our own happiness, and therefore we are the only ones who are really and truly responsible for it.

Choose Yoga

The peace and happiness we get on our carpets is no accident.

While many consider yoga to be an additional dopamine-boosting physical activity, it goes much deeper than that. It is believed that the mind-body connection established through yoga promotes changes at the cellular level.

When we incorporate positive intentions into our movements, we imprint these thoughts not only in our minds, but also in our bodies. We make changes on our mat that enable changes outside our mat.

Much of our unhappiness stems from our thoughts or feelings, as we evaluate our experiences in terms of good or bad. A full practice of yoga and meditation not only gently eliminates these self-judgments, but over time begins to reshape our postures, attitudes and thoughts.

Yoga postures for happiness

Try these playful yoga poses to recharge your energy and become lighter and happier:

1. Cat and cow stances


Use the cat and cow pose to calm the constant fluctuations of your mind and relax your nervous system, creating a gentle movement in your body that invites positive energy to flow into your body.

Mantra: I will find joy in my journey today.

2. Warrior posture II


Use this pose to relieve stress and tension and remind yourself that you are strong, invincible and awesome at everything you do!

Mantra: I am responsible for my feelings, and today I choose happiness.

3. Dancer


This beautiful pose exudes grace and elegance, a sense of ease and happiness, while literally releasing tension in the hips and opening the heart.

Mantra: I welcome freedom, energy and lightness.

4. Godin pose


Let this energetic and challenging pose remind you that you are fully responsible for your own happiness.

Mantra: I am a strong and confident yogi/yogini and invite only love and happiness.

5. Laying of ravens


This amazing pose will put a smile on your face once you master it. Develop focus, strength and concentration while quieting your mind.

Mantra: I welcome balance, strength and happiness.

6. Wheel position


Leaning back has been shown to promote the release of endorphins. The deep opening from the front of the body allows stress to drain away and fill the body with energy.

Mantra: A heart and mind open to all that comes my way.

7. Pigeon loft


Create space for the positivity and happiness you want to welcome by saying goodbye to all the tension you have in your hips.

Mantra: Be happy, be yourself.

8. Pear tree


See life from a new perspective, feel the blood flow through your body and fill your day with positive energy.

Mantra: I will do more things that make me happy.

9. Oblique position with inclination


We live in a crazy, hectic world, so use this pose to remind yourself how important it is to find peace and quiet.

Mantra: I deserve to be happy and positive.

Yoga asks us to do one simple thing: Manifest yourself in your mind, body and soul.

Yoga doesn’t just cheer you up. It elevates our lives. It opens our eyes to the essence of who we are, and therein lies peace and happiness.