A Guide To Yoga Props

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice of stretching, breathing and meditation. With today’s busy lifestyles and fitness craze, we are all looking for a way to push our bodies to the limit and stay in shape. But, what are the right tools?

Introducing: Yoga props. You’ve probably heard the term, or at least seen a prop being used during a yoga class. But, what do they actually mean? And how do you use them? In this post, I’ll discuss my favorites and why they’re helpful.

Yoga poses can be tricky to learn but once you’ve mastered the basics with props like chair, blocks, bolsters and straps a whole new world of possibilities opens up. Here are some of the most popular yoga props or gear you can use to practice yoga. Yoga props can be used in our practice for many reasons. Exploring and playing with props opens up endless possibilities for new experiences, emotions and movements that transform your body and mind. The use of props is often misunderstood, as is the belief that if you use props, you will have trouble striking a pose.

Props are not a sign of weakness, but part of a reasonably evolving practice. Using props in a structured way will help you increase and maintain your practice, regardless of your experience level. We are here to dispel some of the myths and mysteries surrounding these instruments. Whether you are taking your first steps into yoga or have been practicing for years, we hope this helps you understand what equipment is available to you at each stage.

Yoga strap

A versatile yoga tool! The bands allow yogis to deepen asanas, create traction, increase or extend range of motion, and promote balance. The additional space provides opportunities and movement options for yogi of all levels, whether you want to do stretches or advanced sets you haven’t mastered yet. Yoga straps are a useful tool for improving flexibility or opening up tight muscles.


What is the best length of yoga strap for me?

If you are using the belt to extend your arm in a pose where the ultimate asana is impossible to achieve, a shorter length will work for you. If you are in a recovery practice, a longer belt gives you more options. If you attach the strap before striking a pose, the long version allows you to attach the strap and move without losing it. The straps are 182 cm, 243 cm and 304 cm long.

What is the difference between the Manduka AligN yoga belt and the unfoLD?

The AligN Yoga Strap is an advanced strap inspired by the original strap design of the legendary BKS Iyengar. Features Manduka’s signature buckle and a reliable locking system that prevents shifting and provides support even in the most awkward positions. No time-wasting – easy to put on and take off. Made from 100% natural, unbleached cotton, it is environmentally friendly, comfortable and durable. Available in two lengths: 243 cm or 304 cm. The Align tire is the wider of the two options at 4.5 cm. It has a larger surface area when pressed against the body and is therefore less likely to sink into the body when donned.

The UnfoLD Yoga Strap is an ideal strap for beginners who need help developing flexibility, or for advanced yogis who want to try new positions. The Unfold tape is slightly narrower (3 cm) and thinner than the more traditional AligN tape and is ideal for use on the move. It is a square belt with an innovative and sturdy buckle that holds the belt firmly in place. Made from 100% recycled polyester. Available in two lengths of 182 cm or 243 cm. A polyester blend is used to increase the tensile strength of the tape and ensure that the cotton does not stretch when stretched.  The Align tape is thick and wide enough to prevent the 100% cotton construction from stretching, so no polyester admixture is needed.

Benefits of using the yoga band – Improve flexibility and alignment and shape. – Helps avoid pulling postures and unwanted body tension. – The belt allows you to deepen the asana without compromising your form, allowing you to let go, relax and breathe in the pose.

Tips for using the tape

Keep in mind that the belt will not help you stretch your body further, creating tension in your neck and shoulders. On the contrary, it is designed to provide you with stability and security in a position where you may lack a point of contact. Whatever position you are in, try to maintain a gentle grip by keeping your shoulders and neck loose.

Yoga cushion

For some, the bolster is the best and most popular support. These modest accessories are the gateway to a whole world of restorative yoga. Helps yogis experience a deeper sense of relaxation and openness. Our bolsters are designed to provide excellent support and comfort for restorative postures and deep breathing exercises. The pillow is softer than many traditional bolsters that use buckwheat as a pillow.  Thanks to their medium stiffness, they also relieve stiffness, pregnancy and joint pain and can support very specific parts of the body, allowing the anatomy to function without tension or stress.

We offer three types of yoga bolsters – the Enlight family of bolsters – in three different shapes and colors to fit your needs. All are made from super soft and absorbent eQua recycled microfiber to keep you dry and comfortable. They are easy to clean and are filled with a foam core and cotton fiber filling for soft to medium support. word-image-5772

How do I choose between the forms?

The Enlight Rectangular Bolster is ideal for those introducing the bolster to their practice for the first time. The wider rectangular design provides better back coverage when lying down and a flatter feel when used under the wrists for support. The lower height provides a more stable surface in the horizontal position. You can also sit on it in seated postures and forward bends, and it provides firm support in meditation postures. This is our most versatile bolster in the family. 71 cm x 30 cm x 13 cm – 1,1 kg

The Enlight Round Bolster has a traditional round shape that allows you to dive deeper into stretching with an open heart. The round, curved design creates a curve in the body to deepen the natural curve and open up the chest. It is taller than the rectangular model, which provides better support when leaning forward. 69 cm x 23 cm x 233 cm – 1 kg

The Lean bolster is ideal for targeted stretching and can easily be combined with other rectangular bolsters and blocks for personalized support. The lightweight hybrid bolster features both a curved and flat shape for versatile use. 74 cm x 18 cm x 8 cm – 0.45 kg

Benefits of using a yoga booster

– Relieves stress, tension and joint pain.
– Deeply calming effect on the mind and nervous system.
– Improves blood circulation and reduces inflammation.

Yoga Blanket

Blankets are a gentle source of warmth and support at times when a pillow or bolster seems too heavy. They are used for all meditation and relaxation postures or to perfect postures, for support and alignment. Some yogis like to put it under their knees or back, or wrap it around them during savasana for comfort.

Blankets can also bring the floor closer to you, especially to soften hard spots and weigh down body parts. Yoga blankets are valued for their versatility. Unlike other accessories, the duvet can be folded into different shapes suitable for different postures. Whether you want to roll up the blanket, fold it or spread it out horizontally, you can adjust the shape to suit your needs. We offer two types of yoga blankets: wool and cotton. Both are made from high-quality recycled blends for durability and comfort.


What is the difference between a wool blanket and a cotton blanket?

The recycled wool yoga blanket can be shaped and folded to support the body in relaxing and dynamic yoga poses. You can wrap yourself in absolute warmth, comfort and versatility. Our recycled wool blanket is made from 75% recycled wool and 25% recycled synthetic fibers. Made from recycled cotton from Peru, this yoga blanket offers versatility and protection, and is slightly larger than a wool blanket. You can fold, roll and stack it however you like – the luxurious, rustic fabric moves as you please. Our cotton blanket is made from the highest quality cotton blend and has a stitched edge to prevent fraying.

Benefits of using a yoga blanket

– Helps you stay longer and get the most out of recreational poses.

– Prevent bad posture with precise adjustments.

– Relieves stress, tension and joint pain.

Yoga blocks

Yoga blocks are one of the most versatile yoga accessories. Blocks are an essential part of yoga equipment, they bring the floor closer to you and provide a deeper stretch. They can also help you align balance positions or serve as a platform to release tension. They should be part of the basis of practice of every yogi, regardless of his experience. To support all yogis, we offer blocks in a variety of shapes and sizes, which you can find in our Manduka Yoga Block Guide here. Here you will find an in-depth look at the world of yoga blocks. word-image-5774Yoga has been a lifelong passion for me, and I dedicated a lot of time to develop a collection of yoga props that are not only good looking, but also provide the right amount of support to facilitate the practice of yoga. It is very important when using the props for a yoga sequence to do it in the right way by following the proper alignment.. Read more about yoga poses with props and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What props do you need for Yin Yoga?

Yoga is an amazing way to exercise while getting in touch with your body and improving your health. A lot of people take up yoga for weight loss or for general fitness, but forget to take care of the body while doing so. Yoga is a great way to stay fit and in shape. But one of the most important aspects of yoga is props. You’ve finally made the decision to start practicing yoga, and now you’re wondering: what props should I buy? You’re probably not thinking about squatting mats, because you’re thinking about the poses. But if you’re going to be a good yogi, then you’ll need to know about those. And there are a lot of options. Some are for beginners, and some are for advanced students. And some are just plain weird. But all of them come with benefits.

How do you use yoga accessories?

Whether you’re new to the practice or a lifelong practitioner, the accessories we use while we practice can be incredibly useful. From belts and benches to blocks and blankets, this is a quick guide on how to best use each type of yoga accessory. We are living in a world where technology is taking over our lives. From smart phones to smart watches and smart dressing; we are constantly plugged into the world. This has led to an increase in the number of people who are trying to use technology as a form of entertainment and a way to relax. With so much technology available today, how can we find a way to use it to do more than just entertain us? Through technology, can we also use it to heal, relax, and enhance our lives?

What props do I need for Iyengar Yoga?

Putting together a yoga toolkit isn’t rocket science, but can be a bit of a challenge when you’ve got a limited budget. As a new Iyengar student, I have found setting up my YogaMat Pro and my traditional Iyengar props is very important. There are many different types of yoga, so in this blog post I will cover an isolation form called Iyengar Yoga. Iyengar Yoga is a very popular form of yoga, and is often used by athletes to increase strength, flexibility, and as a means of mental and physical relaxation.