A Guide To Yoga Towels

Yoga Towels

Did you know that yoga towels have recently become more and more popular? As we all know yoga is a very great exercise that helps in toning the body, making the body flexible, while at the same time it promotes better sleep and reduces stress. This is why these towels are getting more and more attention from people and many of them have started getting these towels to offer to their yoga students.

Simply stated, yoga towels are a fast and easy way to keep you cool and dry during your yoga practice.  The towels are made of a cotton-poly blend that allows for a cool and dry practice.

What is a Yoga Towel?

Yoga towels are usually used in the practice of yoga for its cooling effect and absorption properties. Other towels are also used like hand towels, face towels, neck towels, bath towels, beach towels, and even socks. Yoga towels are mainly used as a cloth for rest, as a towel to wipe your body after the practice of yoga. Generally, a yoga towel is a cloth which is used for doing yoga or rest.

We all saw the sign outside the yoga studio: Bring your own yoga towel, but remember that these simple yet transformative textiles are perfect for all types of yoga and can help you in the most unexpected ways. Yoga wipes are not just for heavy sweating, but for any type of practice to help you capture and manage the moisture around any yoga mat. Adding a yoga towel or mat sheet to your toolbox can be a big change. We’ll explain why and give you some PRO tips.

What is a yoga towel for?

They essentially offer 2 main features: 1. Have an extra GRIMP ready if your hands or feet get hot and wet. 2. Absorbs excess moisture that accumulates on the carpet.

Why are you losing your touch?

For some, grip is the most important aspect of a yoga mat. Depending on the class, weather, feeling, time of day, level of practice, when you start the class/practice, condition or construction of your yoga mat, you may experience a loss of grip. This is extremely frustrating for some people. For some, not so much. But when the heat builds up in the body and the working muscles are tired, the body’s natural reaction is to try to cool itself down by releasing fluid. Usually first the hands, then the arms, then the legs, and so on. A yoga towel is a unique product because it provides traction once it bonds with moisture. Sweat-resistant GRIP. A towel is the perfect tool when your hands start to get stiff, and a full carpet towel when your body is fully warmed up and starting to drip onto your carpet.

Some things to know and not to know about yoga towel

– Everyone’s sweating. Even with the gentlest exercise, your palms or feet become warm, produce and release moisture even at microscopic levels, and can slip when in contact with a non-porous surface, such as a floor. B. a closed-cell yoga mat, make contact.

– Yoga towels are the most important towels you can have, especially if you don’t know how your class or workout will go. Maybe it’s the way you feel that day, or the way the teacher guides you, or a new experience or course, and you make a special effort to follow it. For many yogis, each class can be different, and if you’re expecting the unexpected, a towel can mean the difference between a great class and one where you have trouble with your grip.

– Full Mat yoga towels are designed for hot or intense exercises. Yoga towels must be wet for the plug to work. When dry, they offer no traction. We therefore recommend that you lightly moisten the towel before training in order to activate your grip from the start.

– All yoga towels have a purpose, which may differ from one to another. Whether it’s the size, fabric, construction or grip of the mat, each mat is designed to enhance your yoga practice and meet your needs, which may be individual and very different from the person sitting next to you or the person who reviewed the product online. If you understand yourself and how your body responds or how you like to train, different towels may be preferred by different people.

– Yoga towels are the most customizable and important equipment you can have.

– Full Mat yoga towels are designed for hot or intense exercises.

– The yoga towels can also be used as studio mats for extra hygiene and comfort if you do not wish to bring your own mat. They are practical and light, you can take them anywhere and they are easy to clean with the rest of your clothes after use.

– Finally, yoga towels offer less support than a yoga mat when dry. Any yoga mat. Thus, in the absence of moisture, a dry towel may provide more lubrication than without. No humidity, no need for a towel.

Humidity control.

Although yoga classes are considered a low-impact activity, don’t underestimate the amount of heat that can be released. Holding a pose or taking 3 minutes of deep breaths can increase your internal heat as much as a full salute. There are times when you start to sweat when your hands and feet are wet, causing you to slip. A yoga towel can help.

Most yoga mats have a closed cell surface, which means that moisture is not absorbed by the mat and can form a wet layer between the mat and your hands. In this way, a sliding feel is created. It’s all right, it’s all right. And everyone goes through this. A yoga towel can be useful in such cases.


When do I need a yoga towel?

Full carpets are for people who sweat and drip on the carpet from head to toe. The towel absorbs the moisture that falls on you, activating grip in the right areas of your hands and feet, and most importantly, it prevents the accumulation of sweat on the mat, making the class comfortable when you are on the mat on the floor for all asanas. It is never comfortable to try to relax in Savasana while lying in a puddle of sweat.

Yogitoes® towels have the highest absorbency (higher saturation) compared to eQua® towels. If you sweat a lot during a hot yoga class and want a firm grip on your mat with silicone tips and plenty of grip for your hands and feet in addition to absorption for comfort, we recommend yogitoes®.

The eQua® pads have a faster and better initial grip triggered by perspiration, but begin to loosen after perspiration saturates and may begin to deform underfoot when saturated. So, if absorption is the priority, yogitoes® pads will be the best support for your practice, if the priority is quick grip, eQua pads will be the best support for your practice.

The yogitoes towel is ideal for heavy yoga exercises where you need a firm grip on your arms or legs. The extra grip provided by the thickening of the towel allows it to be held in positions where grip is needed on the mat and during yoga. For example, if you need a handhold like Ashtanga yoga where you move with the heat but don’t drip like hot yoga, the yogitoes® towel is perfect for extra support when the heat starts to come on.

If you feel you’re starting to slip, place a yoga towel under your arms on the mat – it absorbs sweat and provides the missing grip. Because every person is different, this can also happen to the feet. Because of its size, you can easily move it across the mat where you need a handhold, or use it in a warrior lunge pose for the front foot. The towel forms a barrier to sweat absorption and provides extra grip on sweaty palms or feet. This is our favorite tool for any yoga class, because sliding is the biggest physical challenge in yoga.

Every class and everyone’s experience can be different every day, so this simple tool to keep next to your mat, like a mat, yoga strap, bottle of water, can help make your experience a little smoother. The eQua® yoga towel is the perfect accessory for any yoga mat.

Why just a towel and not a full yoga mat towel?

A full towel is used for hot yoga classes. This means that the yogi must be warm and sweaty for the mat to work, as the yogitoes® and eQua fabrics are activated by sweat or moisture. If you just slip with your hands, a small amount of moisture on your hands will activate a towel to keep you in place.

If you’re not immediately hot, sweaty or slippery, check out our guide to reducing slips. You’re only making it worse with such a full towel. Maybe you need to work on the basics, learn more about matte care, or even get rid of the hand cream.


What is the difference between Yogites® and eQua® towel?

The biggest difference is the feel of the towel. eQua® and yogitoes® towels absorb sweat and offer excellent grip when wet. However, due to their design, they offer a different training experience.

– The eQua® towel is smooth and soft, with an activated moisture feeling.

– The yogitoes® towel is textured and tactile thanks to the silicone thickening and adheres both wet and dry.


– The most reliable yoga towel
– Holds carpet with patented Skidless technology that uses 100% silicone tips
– Faster digestion – Increase in saturation
– Eco-friendly, made from 4+ recycled plastic water bottles.


– The most versatile yoga towel
– Great first handle with sweat activation
– Good absorption
– Good adhesion on carpet

How do I use the yogitoes® towel?

This ultra-absorbent, lightweight towel prevents slipping when you start bleeding and sweating. If you find that you need extra support during your practice, simply place a yoga towel on your mat or place a towel on your mat where extra support is needed. These cloths have a silicone thickening at the bottom that adheres to the mat and keeps you in place.

Perfect for:
– Welding practices, such as. B. Yoga warm, and acts as an absorbent layer between you and your mat.

– Topper on studio mats for extra hygiene if you don’t want to bring your own mat. It is handy and easy to carry and easy to clean after use.

Tips: Lightly lubricate the top of the towel before starting your workout to ensure a good grip from start to finish.

How to use the eQua® yoga mat towel?

Placed on a yoga mat, this high-quality yoga towel creates a barrier to absorb sweat and provides extra traction for sweaty palms and feet. eQua towels become non-slip when wet. The soft, suede-like microfiber fabric has ultra-absorbent properties, exceptional durability and dries incredibly quickly for superior support during sweaty workouts. Designed for yoga, but easily transformed into a towel for the beach, surfing, travel, gym or workout.

eQua® towels can also be used as a sports towel to absorb sweat, as a meditation scarf to stay warm during cold sessions, and as a travel or hiking towel that takes up little space in luggage.

Perfect for: Ideal for all types of yoga, including hot yoga, vinyasa and power yoga. Simply place a towel on your mat to enhance your yoga practice.

Tips: Lightly pat both sides of the towel before you begin your workout to ensure excellent traction from start to finish, or simply place the towel on the mat if you need extra traction.


There are a lot of different types of yoga towels, and there are a lot of different reasons why you might want to buy one. For some, they are a way to help your heat retention during hot yoga, while others are just a way to help you stay dry during your practice. Still others may want a towel to help hold their mat in place during a class, or serve as a towel between their hands and the floor. Read more about lululemon yoga towel and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What yoga towels are the best?

We have all heard it before, at least somewhere. “Yoga is one of the easiest things you can do to help relieve stress, feel better and improve your health.” As you can imagine, there are a lot of articles and people out there who would love to help you! Fulfilling this need is the responsibility of the Yogi Bishop. There may be a few things in life that are worth thanking for, and the yoga towel may be one of them.

What is the difference between a yoga mat and a yoga towel?

A yoga mat and a yoga towel are two very different things. A yoga mat is what you use to keep the floor from getting dirty while you do a yoga pose. You keep the yoga mat on the floor and fold it up for storage. Yoga Towels: Towels are a common staple for the life of the yogi, but nobody really knows why. Some believe that it has to do with the frigid elements of winter that often make the use of a towel necessary. Others believe the use of a towel during yoga classes is simply a great way to keep your clothes clean and protected.

What is the point of a yoga towel?

Yoga towels are a staple item in any yoga studio, but they are often overlooked as a potential tool for getting the most out of your practice. A yoga towel can keep your mat dry and spotless, help you to stay more grounded on your mat, and can help you to learn and strengthen your body and mind. When you buy a yoga towel, you’re buying something that’s supposedly designed to help you get the most out of your yoga practice. Whether that’s true is up to you.

A well-made yoga towel will help you perform yoga postures better, but you may find that it makes your yoga practice feel more like a chore than an enjoyable experience. In my opinion, there’s no yoga towel that can help you get all the benefits of a yoga practice.