A Heart-Opening Yoga Sequence for Yogis of All Practice Levels

Yoga is a popular practice that has been practiced for thousands of years. Recently, it has experienced a surge in popularity, which has led to the rise of all kinds of yoga studios. Every style of yoga has its own benefits linked to it. Unfortunately, the variety of classes and the many different studios can confuse even the most seasoned yogi. I want to help clear up some of your confusion and offer some insight on how to choose a yoga class that fits your needs.

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If you want a special way to begin your day, try this sequence for practicing yoga. Begin by standing in Tadasana, with your feet together and your arms at your side. Breathe in and gently lift your arms overhead and out. Keep your gaze focused between your hands and your feet. Feel the openness in your arms and shoulders. Feel the expansion of your heart and the expansion of your lungs. Keep your eyes on the arms as they move up out of the shoulder sockets.

This series of yoga exercises is perfect for beginners and advanced students to fill the body with energy and uplift the mind. It also includes some simple postures to release tension in the shoulders and open the chest. Greet the sun with three to five of your favorite greetings before beginning the sequence.

1. Variation of high lock

From the dog position, step forward, facing the ground, with the right foot between the palms. Inhale deeply from the bottom lunge and raise your arms above your head in a high half lunge.


Make sure your ankle is below your knee. Keeping your shoulders relaxed, bring your hands behind your hips and cross your fingers. Stay in this high lunge variation for 3 breaths. Release and repeat the process on the other side.

2. Reverse warrior

Take a step forward and turn heel down, open arms in line with shoulders. As you inhale, begin to raise your upper arm to the sky while your back hand rests against your leg.


Breathe in and out for 3-5 breaths, feeling your waist and sides expand with each breath. Remember to relax your shoulders and keep your spine straight.

3. Side angle (Parsvakonasana), modified

Keeping the same foot position as in Reverse Warrior, release the upper forearm and place it on the front of the thigh. Raise your back arm above your head, palm down, and keep your shoulders relaxed. Hold this position for 3 to 5 breaths.


If you are feeling playful, you can go back and forth with the breath and move from the inverted warrior to the sideways wedge. Repeat the process on the other side.

4. Standing Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana)

Stand with legs extended and feet turned diagonally (toward the corners of the mat). Take a deep breath and as you exhale, bend your knees and lift your hands and heart to the sky. Retract the abdomen and lower the tailbone. Hold this position for 5 breaths.


5. Deep cleft (Anjaneyasana)

Return to dog looking at ground and bring right foot between palms, front knee over heel. Slowly lower the back knee to the ground while slightly stretching the hip and groin. Release the toe to the ground and slowly lift the chest and arms (arms around the head).


Keep your shoulders relaxed and your shoulder blades together at your back. Look up and take 5 breaths, then move to the other side.

6. Installation of the Sphinx

Lower yourself onto your stomach and bring your forearms forward so that your elbows are below your shoulders. Straighten your lower back by pulling your tailbone towards your heels.


Press your forearms firmly into the floor, relax your shoulders away from your ears, keep your chin parallel to the floor and actively stretch your toes. Finally, pull the area below the navel off the floor and towards your lower back. Take five to eight breaths.

7. Cricket Variation (Salabhasana)

Lie on your stomach, resting your forehead on the floor and crossing your arms behind your lower back. As you inhale, slowly lift your head, shoulders and legs. Rotate the hips inward and strengthen the glutes while looking slightly forward.


Keep your neck long and your shoulders away from your ears. Take 5 breaths and repeat 2-3 times.

8. Child’s pose with support (Balasana with support)

Put a rolled up blanket or pillow on the floor. From a kneeling position, bring your big toes together and spread your knees. Pull the blanket between your knees and then lower your upper body onto the blanket. Relax your arms at your side.


Rest your hips on your heels, move your tailbone away from your back and relax your shoulders and forehead. Breathe in and rest quietly for 2 to 4 minutes.

I hope these postures help you expand your heart space and become more receptive and ready for love!

Yoga is a practice that is supposed to be done daily, but sometimes that can be a challenge. You know, when you’re tired, or not feeling the best, or just not in the mood for a class. That’s where a good practice comes in handy. That’s why I wanted to share a sequence that I’ve been using lately. It’s a sequence I created that’s meant to help you get a good stretch, while also helping to open up those backs and hips of yours. That can help you get back into the flow of your practice after a tough day, or a week of work or school. It’s a sequence that I’m sure will work for you, too!