Best Yoga Shoes for High Arches

Yoga Shoes

Yoga is a practice that has been around for thousands of years. It started as a spiritual and mental exercise in ancient India, but now it’s become one of the most popular ways to stay fit. And while there are some who might tell you that yoga can be done without shoes, the truth is that if your feet don’t have proper support then they will likely hurt after a few minutes of work. That’s why you need to find the right type of shoe for your particular needs.

Yoga is a full-body exercise that needs maximum comfort, mental peace, and flexibility to perform the poses, and a yogi can only put his effort when the yogi is wearing the correct sports apparel and shoes. This article will help you do just that by going over four different types of yoga shoes on the market today: barefoot-style, flexible sole, rubber sole and rigid sole.

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What made it possible for us to find the Best Yoga Shoes for High Arches?

Before buying a pair of shoes for you, you need to understand that not all foot is the equivalent and some have extraordinary prerequisites.

On the off chance that you have a high arched foot, you have to pick a couple of agreeable shoes that would give steadiness, curve support, and sufficient padding.

Just remember the moment when your feet hurt, you won’t have the option to move or put in your best. Nobody can push their cutoff points if the most significant piece of the body, the establishment of the body.

So the correct footwear is an unquestionable requirement! In this blog, we are going to discuss the best yoga shoes for high arch feet.

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In this manner, we have curated the rundown of top-six shoes that are perfect for anybody with high arches. No longer do you have to wear the standard ones, which don’t oblige your extraordinary needs.

With many choices out there, picking the correct pair of yoga shoes can be a bit confusing for you. We made an investigation of around 38 hours on genuine clients, before thinking of this last rundown on best yoga shoes for high arches.

On the off chance that you are anxious to know which one made the top space from our exploration, Let’s have a look with our following article on best yoga shoes for high arches.

Top 6 Best Yoga Shoes for High Arches

Vibram Women’s Alitza Loop Cross-Trainer Shoe

This staggering pair of red shoes from Vibram is so stylish that you would like to show off in your workout session. Not only stylish but also highly supportable for the high arches feet.

Regardless of whether you are simply on the fundamental level of a yoga class or doing highly intense ones, you would be very comfortable in these shoes.

We loved this pair of shoes more because of the well-designed features and color that will become the complimenting factor. And there are some more highlights about this pair of shoes that will make you more satisfied, for example, elastic sole, zero drops, serrated sharp edge drag plan, and polyester work upper side additionally intrigue.

No matter whether what type of yoga and where you are doing: outdoor yoga on the grass or indoors; at that stage also you will have the option to appreciate yoga training in light of its solace.

Above all, it can be machine washed too, that will give you relief of maintaining them, which sometimes some of you find it difficult task only if you are a lazy one.

An ideal fabric used in it ensures that your feet don’t smell as it is a common problem found with every person; who does physical activities where they sweat badly and so their feet, which gives them an uncomfortable feeling. And also allows enough grip on the floor while performing yoga poses without having the fear to fall and preventing accidents.

Brooks Women’s PureFlow 7 Running Shoe

An ideal pair of shoes for women with high arches from Brooks are in vogue, comfortable, and only adept for yoga meetings. You can wear them in activities such as jogging, running, cycling, yoga, etc. It is suitable for every condition.

They can be utilized as running shoes also and are accessible in a lot of different colors also. It will give you the perfect amount of comfort, durability, and flexibility.

The sports shoes from Brook are designed in such a way that it will make each workout session fun and energizing. It is surely worth your venture.

It has a midsole drop with 4mm that is flexible too and ensures great comfort for people with high arches.

Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoe

Nike – A popular brand everyone will recognize easily as the name says everything. This extravagant pair may appear to be somewhat costly for the pockets yet trust us, it is justified, despite all the trouble.

It is accessible in different colors and is ideal for an individual with high arches. The elastic sole makes it so comfortable that you would never want to take them off. Flymesh upper construction additionally is something that you would love them.

Individuals with orthotics depend on this astounding pair.

It is breezy just as light. The additional cushioning would guarantee that you generally feel comfortable. Never bargain on your yoga shoes as else, you need to pay over the long haul.

Staying away from what your feet are letting you know while working out is a major no-no. On the off chance that it is tormenting, you have to comprehend why and need to put resources into a decent pair of premium shoes.

ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 18 running Shoe

Well, Who needs those pair of bulky shoes while working out? So here is a pair of cool blue shading shoes from ASICS that are exceptionally lively and are very light that you will not feel heavy at all while working out and also matches with pretty much every outfit.

These pair of shoes comes with a super flexible rubber sole that is just perfect for ladies with high arches and allows solid gripping on the floor.

The material used in it makes it breathable, the construction improves the foot’s regular step from impact point strike to toe-off. The toughness will undoubtedly intrigue you.  And later, you will be happy that you made a valuable investment by purchasing these pair of shoes.

You will feel very comfortable while wearing them and we wager on that! Direction Trusstic System Technology likewise dazzles.

ALTRA Women’s Torin Knit 3.5 Running Shoe

Even though it is a pair of running shoes, but these pair of shoes from Altra are the one you can wear it for your Pilates, Zumba, or yoga meetings also. It will fill the need of every one of your necessities.

Ladies with high arches would just love it on account of its solace and steadiness.

It is completely cushioned, to give your feet full comfort and we love the zero-drop stage. The internal part of the shoes is so extravagant and comfortable that it saves you from those post-exercise hurting feet.

The fabrics used to make these pair of shoes, ensure that you do not experience those sweaty feet which occur mostly on hot yoga sessions.

It has 6mm of contour footbed to ensure that your hot yoga sessions go well by giving you great comfort and style.

This will be your smart choice if you buy these pair of shoes is something that will make you happy and your feet as well.

Ahnu Women’s Yoga Flex

This first-rate pair from this astounding brand is a take and is so lightweight that would not even fell it on your feet. On the off chance that you purchase Ahnu Women’s Yoga Flex on the web, you will get it at a decent cost too. Made with preeminent innovation, it gives breathability and guarantees that you get the most extreme help in your workouts.

Its cushioning is so comfortable that you can move your lower leg, heel, and toe just as how you need it. And it is designed to give you full support while working out and further holds the grip without having a fear of tripping and preventing injuries.

This Flex yoga shoe is made, with the end goal of this all-encompassing practice at the top of the priority list. You can wear them outside too, just how you wear them in your yoga studio.

The curve support and the grippy sole have our hearts, and along these lines, it makes it to the head of our rundown. Hope to get a lot of gestures of recognition, on the off chance that you wear these.


So these are our main six picks for yoga shoes that are best of high arches. We have paid regard to high curve support as the absence of the equivalent can prompt constant distress just as wounds. We have additionally ensured that the shoes look sufficiently jazzy to assist you with making a fashion statement.

They have sufficient cushioning with the goal that you are comfortable in any event when performing troublesome stances. The shoes give enough security and are additionally made of agreeable texture. 

So, What are you waiting for? Hurry up, Grab an ideal one for you before it is gone.

This extraordinary exercise meeting can radically assist you with accomplishing a superior mental peace and perfect body. Tail it strictly. We hope that you are delighted in perusing this blog.

It would be our pleasure if you choose any from the rundown that is just made for you and also finds it useful.