Brogamats’ Yoga Bags For Men And Burrito Lovers

How big of a yoga bag do you need? The answer to this question is of course, big. At Brogamats we try and cater to almost every type of yoga bag we can find, whether it’s a small yoga mat bag for road trips or a huge yoga bag for a yoga studio, we have you covered.

Since yogis are a very “in” craze with men these days, Brogamats decided to bring their unique style of yoga bags to the burrito-loving men of the world. Each Brogamats yoga bag is designed to hold your burrito and all the other stuff you need to cultivate a yoga practice.

It’s always fun to get outdoorsy and invigorate your workout routine with new ways to sweat. However, as we all know, yoga pants are not practical for every single form of exercise. Enter, the roach-leather yoga bag . Taking its name from the catchphrase of the hit TV show Breaking Bad , this versatile yoga bag is a burrito-sized bucket that can be folded up and hidden in a gym locker, pocket, or backpack. The perfect workout accessory for true yoga gurus, this workout bag can be used to hold a water bottle, a towel, a pair of yoga pants, your phone, and even your yoga mat.. Read more about yoga mat holder and let us know what you think. Compared to female yogis, male yogis have relatively fewer choices of bags to carry their yoga mats in. Sure, there are bags in solid black, blue or navy, but the lack of fashionable options for men’s yoga bags inspired Dan Abramson to create Brogamats.

Ms. Abramson, of San Francisco, came across yoga while recovering from a back injury. He noticed that he was often one of the few men taking vinyasa flow classes. It seemed to her that modern yoga practitioners were mostly women.

To overcome social (gender) stigma, he founded Brogamats in 2013. He started by making a line of yoga mats, but then realized that producing mats was expensive and complicated and focused on yoga bags. Her first idea for a yoga bag was an arrow quiver. After this great success he started working on new models of yoga bags.


Quiver of Arrows Yoga Bag

However, it was the design of the burrito yoga bag that brought Brogamats to the attention of the media. If you’re doing yoga to get in shape and you see one of your fellow students with a bag of burritos – no, that’s not a sign from the universe inviting you to eat a burrito right after class.

The Burrito yoga bag has the same features as the other models: It is made of 100% cotton and has inner pockets to keep your valuables safe while you cycle.


Burrito Yoga Bag

Although the products were originally intended for the men’s market, Ms. Abramson was surprised when she received orders from men and women interested in yoga. Her projects also seem to sell well for female yogis!


Yoga bag in the shape of a descending tree trunk


Tin Man Yoga Bag

Currently, the company still sells the Quiver of Arrows yoga mat, but it only offers yoga bags for men. More information about their products can be found here.