Budokon: The Beautiful Fusion Of Yoga and Martial Arts (VIDEO)

Budokon is a Japanese martial art, and a unique combination of yoga, dance, and martial arts. It is a complete martial art that can help you to build flexibility, build muscle, burn fat, improve your breathing, and most importantly, teach you how to defend yourself. This is a great way to get in shape, even if you are not a fan of yoga and want to build up your fitness level.

If you’ve never heard of Budokon, it’s a form of martial arts that fuses yoga and karate. It was created by Richard Kim, owner of the Korean WTF dojang, which is where he brought this martial art together. He wanted to open a university in America for his art, but it was too expensive and he decided to open the dojang in Los Angeles. It was there that he encountered martial arts students who didn’t know a lot about yoga. He decided to start teaching yoga as a means of martial arts, and the rest is history.

Yoga has become an increasingly common exercise choice. In order for this to become a truly mainstream practice, however, we need to see the right yoga being practiced in the right environment. Fortunately, the young generation is much more open to incorporating yoga into their daily lives than we might previously have anticipated.

Is it possible to combine yoga and martial arts while taking into account the principles of ahimsa? Yes, it is possible! Although the intention to harm others has no place in yoga philosophy, this does not mean that you cannot learn and practice self-defense.

As some say: Don’t do anything wrong. You don’t say. One could even say that learning self-defense can be an important part of self-care, as you take care of yourself in a world that, unfortunately, can sometimes be unkind. So if you love yoga and martial arts, Budokon could be the perfect practice for you.

What is Budokon?

Budokon, founded in 2001 by Cameron Shane, consists of three disciplines: Meditation, yoga (asana) and martial arts. It is a mixed system of movement arts that aims to transform consciousness through movement, to develop awareness, strength and connection between mind and body.

Watch the video above for a brief glimpse of the power and grace of Budokon, and learn more about the practice here.

Video credit: Aydyn OzerOnce a week, I do a yin yoga class in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. This Friday, I will teach a class on how to do the Warrior Pose, also known as a Warrior 1. The pose is a fundamental one in yoga, and one that is used in several martial arts. The pose is a basic standing pose that we use to de-stress our muscles and develop our core. It is also a very effective pose to help with balance and focus when we are meditating. While the pose may look easy, it is often very challenging for most people to master. I hope to show you how to properly do the pose and why it is so important.. Read more about budokon yoga singapore and let us know what you think.

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