The Evolution of The PRO Mat

The PRO Mat is a passive mat designed to help you maximize your workouts. Made from recycled rubber, this yoga mat can be placed in the sun or washed with soap and water for easy care when you’re done! The “manduka pro” is a yoga mat that has been around for quite some time. It was originally designed to be used by professional athletes, but the company later decided to make it more accessible … Read more

Does Stretching Help You Lose Weight?

The Science Stretching before and/or after a workout can increase flexibility, reduce the risk of injuries, speed up recovery time, decrease muscle tension and improve performance. How you stretch will depend on your sport or activity. Although many people think stretching is good for weight loss it may not be because in some cases it could worsen conditions like arthritis. “Does Stretching Help You Lose Weight?” is a question that many people ask on … Read more

Seated Spinal Twist Benefits and How To

Yoga is reaching a peak in pop culture, with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Michelle Obama sharing their favourite poses on social media. What are the benefits of doing seated spinal twist? This article will go into detail about what this exercise does to your body and why it’s such a great one to do. The seated spinal twist is an exercise that focuses on the spine. It has been shown to have many … Read more

Why Practice Mindfulness For Holistic Wellbeing

According to the Buddha, the purpose of life is to realize one’s true nature: that of a Buddha. He also taught that we are all human beings, and all human beings suffer. What is it about our suffering that makes us unhappy? Our suffering is not due to the things we have done or the things we are doing. Rather, it is due to the things we have done to ourselves. While we are … Read more

Second Impressions With Organic Basics

I was recently sent a pair of Organic Basics yoga pants to review. I received the spring/summer pair in spring colors and the winter pair in winter colors. I received the pants in a medium and they fit me very well. I found that they fit me well in the waist, hips, and thighs but they were a little short in the length for my taste. The pants were too long for my taste … Read more