An Introduction to Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness that can help you achieve inner balance, peace, and freedom. It can help you achieve a state of deep relaxation and allow the mind and body to heal and relax. It can help you to sleep better and more deeply. As this state of consciousness can also be experienced in the practice of Yoga, I feel this is a great introduction for those who are unfamiliar with … Read more

A Guide To Yoga Towels

Yoga Towels Did you know that yoga towels have recently become more and more popular? As we all know yoga is a very great exercise that helps in toning the body, making the body flexible, while at the same time it promotes better sleep and reduces stress. This is why these towels are getting more and more attention from people and many of them have started getting these towels to offer to their yoga … Read more

How To Stop Feeding The Fast Fashion Machine

The Great Recession of 2008-2009 was a major wake up call to the world. The U.S. economy is up and running again, and with it comes the return of what we used to call “affluenza”—an inability to think critically about our actions. The fast fashion industry is a perfect example of the potentially dangerous consequences of affluenza. It is highly profitable and, more importantly, it is immensely profitable. With the way things are going, … Read more

What is Power Yoga?

Though many consider power yoga to be shallow “rec center yoga,” this style of yoga practice was initially firmly displayed on the Ashtanga technique. Yet do we truly know or comprehend it’s specific, and right from a more extensive perspective, Force yoga is, overall, a term used to portray an enthusiastic, wellness-based way to deal with vinyasa-style yoga. Rec center yoga is a style of yoga that incorporates all the physicality of Ashtanga that … Read more

Best Power Yoga DVDs


Yoga, the antiquated craft of physical, mental, and otherworldly practices from the orient, is very acclaimed over the world. In addition to the fact that it helps you to remain fit, but at the same time is extraordinary for giving quiet and self-control to the brain. In light of this, a portion of a wellness-based way to deal with Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga has been very famous throughout the previous hardly any many years. … Read more

How To Deflate Yoga Balls? Pro Tips

Deflating yoga balls might be a big question for you. So here we present you an article with a guideline of 3 simple methods to solve your problem. Yoga And Yoga Balls Yoga is an exercise that helps you by providing many health benefits such as improves your mental health, brings balance and flexibility to your body, strengthen your core muscles, etc. Yet another trend is running these days among people is the use … Read more

How Meditation and Yoga Can Improve Your Wellness


With so many health benefits of yoga, one may wonder how much there is to think about. We don’t need any medical training to understand the different aspects of your overall well-being. You may be surprised at how wellness can improve your mood, help to increase your energy, and even cleanse your mind. A body that is properly-balanced, emotionally and mentally, and feeling healthy can help the mind remains as sharp as it ever … Read more

The Advantages of Yoga For Weight Loss

advantages of yoga

In order to lose weight you need to know the benefits of yoga and how it can contribute to your weight loss program. There are several beneficial factors to incorporate into your workout plan so that you don’t just get physically fit but to also live a healthier lifestyle. Find out the best exercises and poses to increase your flexibility, reduce stress, and maintain a balanced metabolism. Yoga is an ancient form of exercise … Read more