26 Ways To Use Yoga Blocks For Flexibility & Strength

Yoga is a form of exercise that many people have tried at one time or another, and many people still do. Yoga is a complete system of body construction and flexibility developed by ancient yogis. Yoga is a mind-body practice, in which one trains the body by exercising the mind through the body. Yoga is commonly characterized by a series of postures, each of which develops a different body part, strengthens a different muscle … Read more

How to Sell Live and On-Demand Yoga Classes From the Confort of Your Home

Thanks to the popularity of yoga, and its growing popularity in the U.S., selling yoga classes online has become a popular business model. However, it is not easy to get started. You will need to do a lot of research to find out the best marketing channels to use to sell your yoga classes. In addition, you need to know the right price for your yoga classes to attract customers to buy them. You’ve … Read more

The Yogi’s Behind The Root Board

The essential guidelines of a healthy lifestyle are the same for everyone: eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep, exercise, and take care of your body. But what if there’s more to a healthy lifestyle than that? I’ve been able to find a few yoga videos on YouTube that are pretty good. I’m not saying that Yogi B is the best at yoga but he is certainly one of the most inspirational ones I … Read more

Orange is the New Black Returns: What Can We Learn from Yoga Jones?

The Netflix series Orange is the New Black is a TV phenomenon, as it tackles issues of gender, race, sexuality, and more. The show has a following of millions of fans, but there are some who claim the show doesn’t accurately portray yoga. In a recent article, Yoga Jones, a yoga instructor in Los Angeles, discussed the basics of hatha yoga and the role it plays in a daily practice. Orange is the New … Read more

Organic Burial Pods Bring Whole New Meaning to "Family Tree"

A patent filed by a Japanese company in 2011 might change the way we bury our loved ones—and the way we remember them. The patent describes a series of coffins that are made from an “organic material”. These coffins are designed to decompose at a specific rate, so the bodies are encased in the coffin and can be cremated while still in their original form. This would allow the deceased to be buried in … Read more

Are Home Workouts Effective?

The idea of working out while at home can be very attractive. The decor of the home, the lack of expenses and the convenience of training at home are some of the many benefits of working out at home. When we do home workouts, we tend to increase our body strength, endurance and muscle tone. Yoga, when practiced in the comfort of your living room, can be an excellent form of exercise for improving … Read more

The Do’s and Don’ts When Teaching Yoga for Bigger Bodies

In the world of yoga, the word “excess” is a term that is still widely used today, and for good reason. “Bigger bodies” in yoga are synonymous with the word “excess”, which can also be used to describe other things, like weight, calories, or anything added to the body that isn’t natural. Much of the time it’s a good thing to be “bigger”, but yoga is about being “small” rather than “big” and should … Read more

Mantras in Yoga Simply Explained

There are many mantras in yoga, and we all know that they are very powerful. But how do we use them effectively? How should we structure our yoga practice, and what is the best way to help us achieve our goals? Mantras are a lot like “catch phrases” in that they are used for focus, to inspire and to help with calmness. In addition to being used for meditation, mantras can help you quit … Read more

How to Practice Plank Pose 

When you’re ready to learn how to do a plank pose, you might assume it’s as simple as relaxing on the floor in a straight line with your arms and legs outstretched. But that’s not the only way to do it! There are plenty of variations that can strengthen your core while also improving your posture. Most of us know that the best way to improve our core strength, and overall posture, is to … Read more

Should You Practice Yoga When You’re Sick?

Yoga is an excellent way to prevent illness and stay healthy all year round. However, in today’s world it’s almost impossible to practice yoga when you’re sick. Positive thinking is what we all need as we go through the everyday hustle and bustle of the modern world, but not everyone practices yoga in the most positive of ways. We all know that illness is part of life. The key is to learn how to … Read more