Dear Yoga, Thank You.

My yoga practice and its importance in my life has always been a constant battle. I am someone who is very fickle and indecisive when it comes to my health. I am forever looking for the magic pill or supplement or diet that will lead me to a place of peace; but so far, it cannot be found. I have always loved yoga. It has always been a source of peace and happiness for me, but for a long time, it was just a part of me. I never truly appreciated it.

I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures. Dozens of yogis doing yoga in every single shape and form–but all united in the goal to have a nice, calm set of pictures to share on social media. Most of the time these pictures just end up being a collection of people practicing yoga in each other’s homes, but every once in a while they turn into something bigger and better.

Hello all, it’s me, madam. I’m a yoga enthusiast that has been struggling with my weight for many years. When I started practicing yoga, I felt like I should be getting a lot of benefit from the practice, but after a few weeks, I thought I should still be fat, so I went back to my old eating habits, and I gained more weight. After several years, I finally realized that it wasn’t the yoga practice that I loved, but it was the practice of the yoga practice. I’m not saying that yoga is bad for weight loss, but I’m saying that yoga is an integral part of weight loss, not necessarily the “magic pill” that everyone raves about. That’s why I’m here. Read more about yoga classes near me and let us know what you think.As I prepared my mat on a rainy November day, I was overcome with a sense of gratitude for my practice. Of course, there may be an element of selfishness involved, as I wanted to improve my own health first in the beginning.

As it turned out, this trip changed my perspective. Yoga has a different meaning for everyone. So this practice has expanded my heart to make room for growth beyond what I thought it was. I love the vitality, unity and revolution this practice has unleashed in my wild heart.

I start with …..

Thank you for helping me let go of a difficult day by reminding me that I get lighter just by breathing consciously.

Thank you for helping me understand the physical sensation of holding back, the struggle to lengthen the exhale – as if something is still taking up space in my chest, something old that has become comfortable and once released, ceases to live. He’s holding up fine.

Thank you for letting me know when I cannot allow something new into my life, because on those days my breath is shallow and weak. I am not creating space for evolution, for a new and fresh life force to manifest in me. I resist his promises, because every time I try, doubts arise.

Thank you for a therapeutic session in a 90 minute practice that cleared my mind and filled my heart with extra clarity….. Even if it’s only temporary.

Thank you for the laughs, for the hilarious fart stories, for reminding me when I take things too seriously, for making me fall on my ass and reminding me that sometimes everything is funny.

I am grateful to….

Thanks for the pear trees and inversions that not only help me see a new perspective, but also develop a solid core. Perspective is not meant to be corrected. We would suffocate in the stale air of a rigid belief system. Just as we do not develop our core, if our foundation becomes weak, we will fall hard.

Thank you for the balancing postures that remind me that balance cannot be taught or learned. Now I can rely on the wisdom that it changes every day. Some days we are sturdy oaks in the storm, other days the slightest breeze blows us over and we snap like a twig.

Thank you for the attitudes that still elude me, frustrate me and seem impossible, because they show that there is more. More growth, success and expansion awaits me as I learn to step back and gently accept that some of these attitudes may not be for me.

Thank you for the inconvenience and the wisdom to not run away from it. A faster heart rate is a sign that I am getting stronger, working on building strength and becoming more resilient. Without discomfort, there is no threshold or boundary to set.

I am grateful to….

Thank you to heart openers like Cobra, Bow and Camel, who helped me overcome safe vulnerability and discover my heart inviting compassion to take more space in it.

Thank you to the hip openers like Dove, Malasana and Lizard for helping me release the stress and trauma that was carefully hidden in the corners of my pelvis.

Thank you for allowing me to fully connect with my breath – to release fear and allow the oneness of mind, body and spirit. This connection helps me to align these channels and bring about a liberation in my being.

Thank You for helping me to love a strong body and to know what strength is when I honor it, every time I find it on my mat, for giving that strength that now lives within me a spark to move my body in that capacity because it brings healing.

Thank You for Your power to help me break through it as I dive deeper and deeper into my physical body and emotional landscape, clearing everything out.

Thank you again

Thank You for the days when I don’t feel like getting off the couch when I’m healing or in pain and my ego wants to find an excuse to sit with my pain.

Thank You for the days when I do run and my body is tired, but I only need to hear my own breath. I need to reflect on why I am here, breathe and listen to the life force that awakens my soul to the precious gift of life.

Thank You for the days when I hear others breathing with me, and it reminds me that I am never alone. They also breathe, fight and heal. We all try.

Thank you for allowing me to be kinder to myself, more empathetic, and for the ancient traditions I have learned to embrace as a way of life, until nothing is separate and everything becomes a yoga of life.

Training and everything else. – Shri K. Pattabi Joyce

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