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Every time we design a new line of yoga apparel, we try our best to create a product that’s not only stylish, but also comfortable and practical. We believe that the clothes can make or break your experience, so we strive to deliver products that are both stylish and functional. Our latest collection, “Yoga Everyday” is a beautiful line of apparel that will put you in amazing poses with ease.

We know that when you first see the new line of apparel from yogi’s you’ll want to try it on. Seeing how beautiful the new tees, dresses, and yoga pants look when you wear them makes you want them even more. And we know that you’ll be happy to find that when you put them on, you feel great. You’ll feel confident in your new gear, and you’ll be happy to show it off.

Here at Yogishopee, we love to find new, inspiring styles that highlight the best qualities of yoga, from classic maroon to bright hues that will appeal to people of all ages. For our Fall collection, we’ve selected a selection of pieces that are perfectly suited to this season, from yoga pants and skirts to tanks and tunics.

At Manduka, we believe in making quality yoga apparel that is sustainably produced, versatile for your practice, and luxuriously comfortable. Our autumn collection is no exception. We began the concept and development of our new line long before 2020 confronted us with the challenges of a global pandemic and the opportunity to examine our personal biases and take action – now we are excited to share with you a thoughtfully designed clothing collection. Sustainable production. When designing our fall line, we chose a simple and intentional design that benefits both the user and the planet. We believe that practice and planet are connected. By honoring one, we honor both. That is why we use sustainable materials whenever possible. These fabrics are listed with the individual products on our website, look for Oeko-Tex or Blusign certified fabrics! Comfort comes first. This fall we are focusing on fabrics that feel like a second skin, that move with you and support you without limitations. Whether you work out at home, go to the gym or work remotely, our high-tech fabrics are designed to keep you warm, dry and focused, no matter how much you sweat. Support for outreach. Your life requires your conscious presence to live it. Be there now. – Akirok Brost We’ve chosen minimalism, clean lines and uncluttered patterns to inspire concentration in your practice and mindfulness in your life. We started our design process by thinking about your body and how your clothing interacts with it when you move. We have deliberately chosen fabrics that support the design of each piece, with materials that support your performance and comfort. We are pleased to present the fall 2020 line. word-image-5638At Yogishopee we have a wide range of yoga clothing that will keep you comfortable and looking good while you’re on your mat. You can decide what to wear by browsing our collection on this page or viewing all our designs on our site . We also offer free shipping on all orders over $75, so take a look at our latest designer collections and do some shopping.. Read more about who owns creation l and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Cabi so expensive?

Hello and welcome to Yogishopee, an app specially made for Yoga Lovers! In this blog, I am going to share some of the best yoga products I have! We can and will design and manufacture all types of Yoga Apparels for you to wear in your workout and practicing Yoga . Just give me a call at +91 9078817054 and we will work on a plan for you! The yoga community has new styles to wear this year. One of the newest styles is the Cabi. Cabi is an acronym for Casual, Comfortable, Basic. It is a line where new styles are released using the same methods as our previous styles—classic basics with a modern twist. This season, the Cabi line has been designed with one goal in mind: to bring out the best in you.

What are the trends for 2021?

We’ve just launched some pretty cool new products for you to check out. Check out the new apparel options and visit the store to see the new clothing designs. We’re happy to announce we have a new store. If you haven’t seen it yet, you will love it. Yoga is booming. In addition to the “I’m a yogi” shirts and “I’m a yogi” hoodies, we have long been an advocate for yoga to be a part of every fitness routine. We’re excited that more and more people are discovering the benefits of yoga. We’re especially excited that these new yogis are bringing their practice to every level of activity, no matter the activity. In fact, the more you hear about and practice yoga, the better you become at what you do.

Where is Cabi sold?

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