Free 21-day Class Schedule

Live by your yoga practice, not just on the mat. Our new 21-day Yoga Teacher Certification program is designed for you to start teaching classes in a way that’s right for you and your path through life. You’ll also learn about how we can work together so that both you and our community grow.

The “o2 fitness class schedule” is a free 21-day Class Schedule that offers classes in the areas of Yoga, Pilates and Barre.

Free 21-day Class Schedule

Allow oneself to be open to fresh beginnings.

We bring the year to a conclusion by letting go of what no longer serves us and welcoming the new year with open hearts and fresh intentions. While we are offered these possibilities every time we walk on the mat, the start of a new year is a beautiful reminder. This entails a lot of forward folds, back bends, twists, and counter twists, as well as hip and heart opening.  


A new habit takes 21 days to develop. 

This year, set your intentions on a fresh course. Choose one of our free sessions to begin your daily yoga or meditation practice with us for the next 21 days, and practice with an open mind, body, and heart.   



Schedule of Classes

Day 1: Yoga Level 1 with Bodhi


Day 2: Whit Hornsberger’s Self-Doubt Meditation


Day 3: Livekick Embodied Sol Yoga Flow


Day 4: Neeti Narula’s Sun Salutations


Day 5: Citizen Yoga’s Yoga Flow for Worry


Day 6: Banded 20-Minute Power Yoga


Day 7: Gabrielle Woodson’s Sound Bath Meditation


Day 8: SoHo Yoga Sweat and Sculpt


Day 9: Banded 30-Minute Power Yoga


Day 10: Livekick and Kundalini Yoga


Yogi’s Pick on Day 11!

Day 12: Perseverance Meditation with Neeti Narula


Josie Schweitzer teaches Katonah Yoga on Day 13


Day 14: Sweat Yoga and Sweat Flow


Day 15: Sesa O’Connor’s Flow into Meditation for Support


Day 16: Banded 60-Minute Flow Yoga


Sweat Yoga with One Down Dog on Day 17


Day 18: Livekick Rhythm & Prana Flow


Day 19: Banded 45-Minute Flow Yoga


Day 20: Desi Bartlett’s Neti-Neti Meditation


Day 21: Chip McLain’s Yang Yin Flow


Here you can find a list of all courses.

Manduka is on the move. 

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The “o2 fitness holly springs” is a free 21-day class schedule that has been created by the company. The schedule includes yoga classes, barre workouts, and cardio sessions.