Gaiam 68″x 24″ x 6mm Thick Review

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Gaiam 68

I was recently in need of a new mat. I had always used the standard rubber mats, but they tend to slip around on your hardwood floors and get dirty easily. I thought it would be time for me to upgrade my old way of doing things so that my place stays clean while still providing good traction when needed. When looking into the options, one product kept coming up over and over again – Gaiam 68″ x 24″ x 6mm Thick Yoga Mat ReviewThe memory-foam design makes this mat incredibly easy on your joints and increasing bodily comfort by preventing strain or aches in certain areas during practice

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Features of Gaiam 68″ x 24″ x 6mm Thick

1. Free Yoga Class2. Reversible Design3. Non Toxic PVC Mat4. Thick & Durable

1. Free Yoga Class

The idea behind Gaiam is that its products are designed to promote health and well-being, so they offer a free yoga class with every purchase. This 68″ x 24″ x 6mm thick mat makes it easy for you to practice on your own at home or in the office. With this mat, you can focus on breathing exercises while taking breaks from tough poses with ease by leveraging the extra space between each breath.

2. Reversible Design

Gaiam is a company with many different yoga mats, and this one in particular has a reversible design that’s perfect for those who want to switch things up. You can choose between colors of blue or black depending on your mood, which means you don’t have to worry about being stuck with the same color mat all year round.

3. Non Toxic PVC Mat

As well as being exceptionally durable, the Gaiam 3. Non Toxic PVC Mat is also very light to carry around and small enough to fit in any bag or backpack. This makes it perfect for those on the go who want something that’s easy to transport but doesn’t compromise quality of workmanship or performance

4. Thick & Durable

A lot of people find that the thickness and durability of Gaiam mats give them a superior workout experience. These thick, durable mats are made to withstand years of use without any sign of wear or tear. Plus, they have an antimicrobial finish so that sweat doesn’t leave behind unwanted bacteria on your mat

Reviews & Ratings of Gaiam 68″ x 24″ x 6mm Thick

Our Rating: 4.8 Out of 5 Stars

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The Gaiam 68″ x 24″ x 6mm Thick is a high-quality yoga mat with six different colorways to choose from. It’s water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your mat getting wet or dirty during class and the company offers guarantees for their products as well. The thickness of this particular model means that it can support more weight than other mats on the market.I found 8 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Gaiam 68″ x 24″ x 6mm Thick 4.8 stars out of a possible 5 on average, which makes it easy for me to recommend this product as well because most people are happy with what they purchased!An Amazon customer said “This is by far my favorite yoga mat I’ve ever used…” and another said: “It’s thick enough not only provide cushioning in poses but also absorb impact when coming down.”


The Gaiam 68″ x 24″ x 6mm Thick Mats is a great addition to any fitness room, dorm room, or garage. With an extra thick and textured fabric surface you can wear these mats outside without worrying about damaging your floors. They are perfect for yoga mat work, floor exercises like push-ups and sit-outs, light stretching routines in the gym or home exercise area.,

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good thickness for a fitness mat?

A: A good thickness for a fitness mat is between 2-3 inches.

Is thick or thin yoga mat better?

A: Thick mats are generally better for people with sensitive joints, and thin mats are generally better for people who want to work on their flexibility.

How long are Gaiam yoga mats?

A: Gaiam yoga mats are 6 feet long.

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