Gaiam Yoga Mat Review

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The best thing about the Gaiam Yoga Mat is that it has an antibacterial coating. If your home practice has ever been interrupted by a spill, then you know just how important this is. My family goes through mats like they go through pairs of shoes, but I am confident that we will be able to enjoy our mat for years to come thanks to its antimicrobial protection. The Gaiam Yoga Mat is one of the more popular options on Amazon today because many customers find themselves impressed with how well their mat holds up against sweat and other fluids

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Features of Gaiam Yoga Mat

1. Lightweight Yoga Mat2. Sticky Non-Slip Textile3. Free Bonus Downloadable Yoga Workout Included 4. 68 x 24 L X 4mm Thick

1. Lightweight Yoga Mat

Gaiam often uses natural materials in its products, and this yoga mat is no exception. Made from cotton and recycled rubber, the Gaiam Yoga Mat is light enough for you to carry around with ease yet strong enough to support your weight during practice. The material also absorbs sweat effortlessly so that it doesn’t feel like you are working up a sweat while practicing on your mat!

2. Sticky Non-Slip Textile

The Gaiam Yoga Mat is made from natural rubber for grip and non-slip textiles. It’s also a durable, eco-friendly material that lasts up to six times longer than other materials on the market today. The 2mm thickness offers cushioning support during yoga poses and makes it easy to roll out when you need to take a break or get back into your workout routine at another time later in the day. This mat is not only supportive but can be used anywhere; put it down outside of the sauna, inside of an inflatable swimming pool, or right next to your bed as part of nightly sleep ritual!

3. Free Bonus Downloadable Yoga Workout Included

Gaiam Yoga Mat is a gift that keeps on giving. The mat comes with three bonus downloadable yoga workouts – two beginner and one intermediate, so you can start off right from the very first day of using your new mat.

4. 68 x 24 L X 4mm Thick

The Gaiam Yoga Mat is a professional-quality mat that’s perfect for use at home or in the studio. This yoga mat has a thick, cushiony design with extra padding and deep ribs for maximum comfort during poses. The textured surface also provides solid grip so you won’t slip during your practice even if it gets sweaty. Plus, this durable grippy texture can help prevent injuries such as sprained ankles caused by slippery mats. The Gaiam Yoga Mat’s long length (24 inches) will accommodate even wide-legged seated positions without having any part of your body hanging off the edge while still providing plenty of room to stretch out on all fours or do other exercises comfortably.

Reviews & Ratings of Gaiam Yoga Mat

Our Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

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The Gaiam mat comes with a lifetime guarantee and is made of natural materials. The company offers 100% customer satisfaction guarantees, so you can buy it risk-free! Plus the mat is eco-friendly because it’s free from PVC, latex and phthalates.I found 1 customer review at the time of writing which had given this product 5 stars out of a possible 5 on average.Other reviews complained about smaller than expected size for some people as well as being too stiff to use without padding underneath but no one else seemed to have experienced these problems either so I think they are rare if they exist at all in any significant number. Other customers said that the mat was very comfortable, “It took me several hours to break my back into this yoga slanted pose” or even better quality than other mats they’ve tried before saying, “This thing has been through everything we have thrown at it.” This makes me confident in recommending this Gaiam Yoga Mat by means of its excellent reputation among buyers who seem happy enough with their purchase overall.


The Gaiam Yoga Mat offers a variety of functionalities that make it an excellent choice for people looking to start or improve their yoga practice. A good option, the mat is also attractive and durable enough to be used outside the studio without sacrificing quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand yoga mat is best?

A: The best brand of yoga mat is the one that you like and feel comfortable with. There are many different brands and types of yoga mats, so it is important to find a mat that fits your needs.

How long do Gaiam yoga mats last?

A: Gaiam mats are made with a high quality material that will last for many years.

Is a 4mm or 6mm yoga mat better?

A: 4mm mats are generally better for beginners, while 6mm mats are better for advanced users.

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