Geometry of Yoga: See the Wisdom in Asana Alignment (VIDEO)

We all like to think we’re pretty good at yoga. But how often do we really look at the relationship between our yoga poses? We can’t be in every posture at every angle, so we never really know if we’re “wrong.” But now, thanks to a recent video, it’s even easier to see what the best yogis do in every pose.

The ancient practice of yoga was created to balance the mind, body and spirit. It is an ancient practice that is believed to have originated in India. The purpose behind yoga is to bring the practitioner into balance on all levels of the body. The key to yoga is to align the mind, body and spirit to achieve this.

Asanas are the foundation of yoga, the key to your yoganess. Asana alignment is the key to strength, balance and health. Asana alignment is best learned through the practice of Yoga, in depth.. Read more about angles in yoga postures and let us know what you think.Modern life tends to dampen the resonance between people and their own bodies, environments, minds and souls. Yoga is a revolutionary method by which a person can adjust, calibrate, reform and ultimately return to an energetic and harmonious state.

For example, David Regelin describes yoga beautifully and eloquently in his video on the geometry of yoga asanas. It shows how important it is to find our center – not only our inner or spiritual center, but also our physical center when we do different postures.

Geometry of Yoga is certainly a refreshing look at how our bodies move and how we can ensure our bodies stay safe as we explore and develop our asana practice. Have fun!

Video credit: David Regelin

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