Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat 72″x 48″(6″x4″) x 7mm Review

Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat

If you are looking for a larger mat to offer extra comfort, support and versatility while practicing yoga or doing some stretching then the GXMat Large Yoga Mat is the perfect solution. This large 72″x 48″(6″x4″) x 7mm yoga mat is going to be your favorite piece of gear.

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Features of Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat 72″x 48″(6″x4″) x 7mm

1. Multi-purposes
2. Lifetime Service
3. Outstanding benefit at impact protection to your knees, elbows, and floor during any workouts
4. Non-toxic and Eco-friendly

1. Multi-purposes

This is a large yoga mat that can also be used as a workout mat, or for other exercises. The rubber is non-slip and the surface has small textured dots to help grip it in your hands more easily during workouts. It’s made from PVC with anti-bacterial properties so it won’t smell like traditional gym mats either!

2. Lifetime Service

The Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat has a lifetime warranty, which means if you ever have any issues with the mat during its service life (which is 30 years), it will be replaced free of charge. To make sure that this promise doesn’t go unattended to, all products are quality checked for defects before being shipped out.

Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat 72"x 48"(6

3. Outstanding benefit at impact protection to your knees, elbows, and floor during any workouts

The GXMat Large Yoga Mat features a thick, dense foam that delivers outstanding impact protection to knees and elbows during any of your workouts. This allows you to keep up the intensity as you practice all different types of yoga or stretching moves by reducing strain on joints caused by falls or sudden movement. The mat is also made with high-quality non-slip material for peace of mind when practicing in challenging poses like seated forward bends.

4. Non-toxic and Eco-friendly

Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat is a four-colour mat of premium quality. It’s made from natural rubber, which makes it non-toxic and eco-friendly. And despite the fact that this mat is thick enough to provide you with cushioning and support during your yoga workouts, its thickness doesn’t mean added weight – in fact, it weighs only 3 pounds! As for comfort levels, Gxmmat boasts a 7 mm density foam core layer sandwiched between two layers of high tech polyethylene fabric on both sides making this one durable yet lightweight option.

Reviews & Ratings of Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat 72″x 48″(6″x4″) x 7mm

Our Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

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The Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat 72″x 48″(6″x4″) x 7mm is a dependable mat that will last you through many practices. This model has an extra-thick and absorbent mix of natural latex, which means it can keep your wrists and joints healthy throughout the session.

I found 19 customer reviews at the time of writing on Amazon’s website and they had awarded this product 4.5 stars out of five overall:
This yoga mat received raving comments from almost everyone who reviewed it due to its ability to resist bacteria as well as withstand sweat.

One reviewer said, “Yoga mats are such an important purchase for me I have tried so many different types over the years but none offer what my experience with this one does.” Another stated, “This was perfect for me! It’s super thick because I’m tall (170cm), yet still very flexible.”

Most reviewers commented positively about how easy it was to clean – just wipe down after use – or put away in storage when not in use., while others mentioned their previous experiences with other brands that didn’t stand up well against abrasion during practice.


The Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat is a reasonably priced and moderately large yoga mat that will keep your joints and body in good health. This product is made of durable material materials, has an elegant design with its bright colors, as well as it being easy to transport around thanks to its long length. Most reviewers have given this mat five stars out of five on Amazon because they were impressed by the quality for the price point.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many mm thick should an exercise mat be?

A: The thickness of an exercise mat is not something that can be answered with a simple yes or no. Its best to check the specifications for each individual mat, as they vary from brand to brand.

What is the biggest size of yoga mat?

A: The biggest size of yoga mat is a 72-inch mat.

Are Manduka yoga mats worth it?

A: Manduka yoga mats are a great option for those who want to invest in a quality mat. They are made from natural materials, have a lifetime warranty, and come with free shipping.

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