How to Balance Yin and Yang in Your Life and Yoga Practice

There is one thing that is common to all people, as well as to animals and to plants. It is the ability to grow, to move from one place to another, to create new cells, to mature, and to reproduce.

In the quest to balance Yin and Yang in your life, you are inextricably linked to the traditions of East and West. In an age of globalization, the idea of tradition has taken on a whole new meaning. Intercultural exchange has blurred the lines between East and West, merging the traditions of the East and West into a single practice. In this process, a new form of yoga has emerged, and it is an interesting fusion of eastern and western traditions.

The balance of yin and yang serves as a filter for my approach to life. This means never seeing things in black and white, appreciating the subtleties, always accepting change and flow, and trying to maintain a balance between your head and your heart.

Personally, I prefer yin. I believe we need more yin energy in the world, but I know we only find ourselves through the balance of yin and yang – we only find yin calmness in the flow of yang.

Here are some tips for balancing yin and yang in your life and yoga practice.


Stand up, let your two feet be your solid base, then swing:

  • When the ground leaves your feet (when things change beyond your control),
  • if you want to move forward (you have to lift one foot off the ground to take the first step), and
  • When life takes you in one direction (and you have to balance on one foot for a while).

You are your own unique foundation, no matter the circumstances – stand up for your values, beliefs and passions. Stand strong like a mountain in Tadasana. The yin anchors you to the earth, the yang takes you to the sky.

Don’t be afraid to waddle

Balance requires hesitation – don’t be afraid to hesitate. If you don’t move at least a little, you may be balanced, but too stiff. And then you end up unbalanced.

Balance is a process of seeking balance, not a static state.

And if you get tired of standing on one leg, just switch legs (it’s best to stand on both legs first – there’s not much point jumping around). You can become more balanced if you concentrate differently for a while.

Go with the flow

If you are trying to find balance within yourself (even on solid ground), but you are not navigating the universe in the right way, it will always be difficult to achieve balance. Perhaps your solid foundation is actually hiding stubbornness or a hidden fear.

While it is important to know yourself, your values, beliefs and passions, it is equally important to know how you fit into the flow of the universe (your universal purpose). When you understand how you are put together, you will be ready when the earth moves beneath your feet and when the universe offers you opportunities – then you will be in the best place possible.

Breathing into the flow, both in yoga and in life, is the starting point. In Yin, it is the breath, in Yang, it is the movement.

Finding balance in and between things

First seek balance within yourself, then seek balance between things in your life.

When you are in balance with yourself, you can give every moment the right energy and attitude – at work, in your free time, with your family, in stressful situations and on the yoga mat. You will be more balanced if you focus on the energy you bring into the moment (yin or yang), rather than what you are currently doing (or worse, what you would like to do).

When you balance your life, it’s naturally easier to find balance in everything you do. So we have sequences of postures that balance fast and slow, standing and lying down, etc.

Sometimes balancing on head or hands

Standing on your hands or even upside down is great for getting the blood flowing in your brain and a whole new perspective. Sometimes a world of twists and turns is just what you need to bring balance to your life. And it really helps to feel more grateful.

It’s much easier to adopt new, more balanced perspectives when you have a radical vision of how life could be different.

Travel. Get out of your environment and out of space. Do something new. Do something complicated. Have fun! Don’t let the blood get too high in your head!

What are you waiting for? You can get up!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you balance yin energy?

The yin energy is balanced by the yang energy.

Can you practice yang yoga before Yin Yoga?

Yang yoga is a type of yoga that focuses on the physical strength and flexibility. Yin Yoga is a type of yoga that focuses on the balance between yin and yang.

How do I bring Yin into my life?

Yin is the feminine principle of nature. Yin is receptive, passive, and receptive to change. Yin is the dark side of the moon. Yin can be found in all things that are natural and alive. Yin is the feminine principle of nature. Yin can be brought into your life by spending time in nature, being with friends or family members who are supportive of you, taking a break from work or school to rest and relax, meditating on your own or with others, practicing yoga or tai chi chuan (taijiquan), and spending time in the dark.