How To Clean A Lululemon Yoga Mat?

How To Clean A Lululemon Yoga Mat: Easy Care

Getting the best yoga mat for your workout and yoga meetings are the most ideal decision you can actually make. The Lululemon yoga mat is considered outstanding amongst other yoga mats since it is made of polyurethane, a foam made out of units joined via carbamate interfaces that help make the yoga mat heat proof. This article will find out about the Lululemon yoga mat and how to clean a Lululemon yoga mat.

The Lululemon Yoga mat

The Lululemon yoga mat is the best you can put resources into, particularly when managing sore muscles and very damp sweat.

It’s just plain obvious; the polyurethane covering retains sweat and is exceptionally delicate, so it fills in as comfortable assurance for your painful shoulders or elbows while doing yoga.

In any case, on the off chance that you have hypersensitivities with latex, you should pick another yoga mat since this mat is made out of latex.

Since you have realized what a Lululemon yoga mat is, you should now figure out how to clean a Lululemon yoga mat.

The most effective method to Clean Lululemon Yoga mat

While picking the correct humdinger mat for your activity, you need to ensure that you realize how to clean the yoga mat since each brand has an exceptional arrangement of cleaning prerequisites for their mats.

This time, you will figure out how to clean a Lululemon yoga mat. The Lululemon yoga mat is made particularly for hot yoga meetings making it spread and covered with sweat—absolutely the motivation behind why you need to have the Lululemon yoga mat cleaned just in the wake of utilizing it. Try not to stress; however, it’s a simple, clean yoga mat.

A few people who have utilized the Lululemon yoga mat grumbles about the smell of elastic from the mat. Notwithstanding, there is a routine that you can do when cleaning the Lululemon yoga mat and making it more sterile for your ordinary use.

Setting up the Cleaning Shower

To set up the cleaning shower, you will require the accompanying fixings with the goal that you can utilize them to clean the Lululemon yoga mat.

• One teaspoon of baking soda.
• Freshly crushed lemon juice.
• 8 ounces of water.

Now, here is the way you will utilize those fixings to make the ideal cleaning shower for your Lululemon yoga mat:

• Set up a bowl for the combination,
• Add the heating pop,
• Add the juice from the lemon,
• When the blend sizzles with bubbles, add the water.

It is basic to follow the specific request of adding the elements for the cleaning answer for work. Furthermore, when you effectively create the blend, you can continue to figure out how to clean the Lululemon yoga mat.

Applying the Cleaning Arrangement

The following thing you need to do is to get a washcloth, dunk it into the bowl, and afterward wipe the mat with it completely. Whenever you have done this, you need to flush the washcloth with water.

After this, wipe down the sleeping cushion while keeping the washcloth clammy with water. And afterward, permit it to dry in a protected spot, not under the sun, mind you, since this will trigger the smell of elastic.

You need to do this routine just after you utilize the Lululemon yoga mat to dispose of the smell of sweat, and you can keep it purified for whenever you need to utilize it.

How to Clean Lululemon Yoga Mats [Best Tips & Guide]: FAQ’S

What makes Lululemon’s mat Wash and Revive in a way that is better than homemade arrangements?

To lay it out plainly: fixings and planning. It’s actual, our item, much the same as custom made arrangements, is based on water and basic oil. However, as we as a whole know, water and oil don’t blend – at any rate, not without a great deal of help. That is the reason we add a bio-based scent solubilizer that not just aids our corrective level natural basic oil spread equitably through our cleaned water, yet additionally guarantees it remains there (as opposed to isolating and drifting to the top). At that point, we thoroughly blend our three simple fixings in a modern blender at 1700 rpm (a homestand blender finishes out at around 280 rpm). That guarantees each shower from our jug conveys the correct equilibrium of water and essential oil to your mat.

How regularly would it be advisable for me to clean my mat?

Each time you utilize your mat, your body delivers skin and sweat onto the surface. Over the long haul, those materials welcome microorganisms to develop (which is the thing that causes scent). We suggest utilizing Lululemon’s mat Wash and Revive after each training to help lessen stains and smell development. In any event, once per week, you ought to adhere to the guidelines to clean your mat, utilizing a tremendous amount of the arrangement and scouring regular touchpoint zones. As a rule, you possibly need to clean your yoga mat when you feel it has been presented to germs. On the off chance, you are rehearsing at home, and nobody in your house is wiped out, you genuinely don’t have to sanitize your mat frequently. In the event that you practice at a studio, you ought to sanitize your mat (both front and back) after your group. We suggest you utilize Botanical Purifying Cleaner to profoundly clean and sanitize your mat.

Why wouldn’t I be able to utilize Cleaning Wipes on my mat simply?

Utilizing these items on your yoga mat presumably isn’t the best arrangement. To start, all together, for a disinfectant to be successful, the whole surface should be noticeably wet for a specific timeframe (usually 4 to 5 minutes). This might be hard to accomplish with a little wipe of a huge surface like your yoga mat. Second, the dynamic fixings in these disinfectants (that is the thing that really kills the infections) can negatively affect the life of your yoga mat. At long last, on the off chance that you do utilize these items on your mat, after holding up the proper time, you totally should flush your mat off and clean it off to eliminate however much of the thing as could reasonably be expected. Numerous individuals experience mellow to extreme hypersensitive responses after delayed skin contact with these synthetic disinfectants. That is the reason Natural Purifying Cleaner is uncommonly detailed not to need washing after use and is demonstrated to be non-bothering.

Would I be able to utilize bleach on my mat?

We don’t suggest fade. That is perhaps the harshest cleaner both for the mat and for the client. We would suggest utilizing one of the EPA endorsed disinfectants recorded above, following all the headings for use, and trying to wash the mat thoroughly. Avoid dissolvable based items or harsh synthetics as these will corrupt the mat.

Would I be able to wash my mat in the clothes washer?

No. You can give your mat the best spotless by hand with a delicate material with the proper cleaning arrangement. A clothes washer will harm your mat and cause fast maturing.


As talked about, each yoga mat has its novel cleaning regiment that you need to follow to keep it disinfected and liberated from any scents. This is the reason you need to figure out how to clean a Lululemon yoga mat on the off chance that you own one for your workout and yoga meetings.

In this article, We have disclosed to you precisely how to do that. All you require is preparing powder, new lemon, water, a washcloth, and an unused bowl. You should adhere to the guidelines on the most proficient method to make your cleaning answer for your Lululemon yoga mat.

Simply recall, try not to put it straightforwardly under the sun to dry since this can trigger the rubbery smell from the yoga mat.