Lebron James And Other Famous Athletes Turn To Yoga

For the past six years LeBron James has been a regular in the media, whether it be on the basketball court, in the media, or as a spokesperson for various companies. He is one of the most well recognized athletes in the world, and recently he has started to open up about his life outside of basketball and his interest in yoga.

Lebron James recently made headlines for his new addition to his personal portfolio, which includes a yoga app. This is not a news story, per se, but we thought it was worth discussing since this is the very first time it has ever happened in the sports world. In the past, athletes have chosen to focus on bodybuilding and running, which is an admirable choice. However, many are now turning to yoga to help them achieve a healthier lifestyle and better overall well-being.

Athletes put their bodies through a lot of stress, whether it’s on the field, on the court, or during training. If you look at the Green Bay Packers’ injury report, it’s obvious that this list of abdominal, knee, shoulder, neck, and ankle ailments (among others) isn’t going to get any smaller any time soon until they start doing things differently.

Yoga, it turns out, may be that something different.

Yoga in the National Football League

Tramon Williams, a cornerback for the Green Bay Packers, began practicing yoga because Terrell Owens told him it was the “football fountain of youth.” Williams attributes his strong performance in the second half of 2013 to yoga, which he claims helped him become even more flexible than before.

Green Bay instructor Ryanne Cunningham has been working with Packers players for many years, and her clientele is increasing. Some athletes who had strained their hamstrings were “dying” performing basic stretching postures, she says the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, but eight months later, they could reach all the way to the ground.

In The NBA, Yoga

In basketball, Miami Heat player LeBron James had to leave the last quarter of Game 1 of the NBA playoffs due to leg cramps this year. James, on the other hand, took measures for the following game by enrolling in a yoga class. James has been doing yoga for years, according to Sports Illustrated, and describes it as a mind-body practice that puts him ahead of the game.

The San Antonio Spurs, who won the NBA playoffs this year, have been doing team yoga for years. Coach Gregg Popovich told reporters that he wanted his players to concentrate on “flexibility, relaxation, [!and!] anxiety reduction.”

So, did yoga have a role in the Spurs’ victory? Anything is possible, and even if teams don’t win, players may be less likely to get hurt by stretching their way to greater health!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who did LeBron learn yoga from?

LeBron learned yoga from his mother.

Who are 3 famous professional athletes that practice yoga?

LeBron James, Serena Williams, and Cristiano Ronaldo

Who is a professional athlete that does yoga?

A professional athlete that does yoga is Serena Williams.