Let’s celebrate International Yoga Day!

Yoga is often touted as one of the most effective ways to improve overall health and relax. The practice can be traced back many centuries in India, but it has also recently become popular in the West due to its wide range of benefits, including improved sleep quality and mental well-being. Today we celebrate International Yoga Day!

International Yoga Day is a day to celebrate the benefits of yoga and mindfulness. It’s also a celebration of sustainability, everyday.


What’s all green, earth-friendly, and zen?

You WON if you said “Organifi Green Juice with a soulfully-designed yoga mat.”

At the bottom of this page, you’ll find your gift for guessing…

However, first and foremost:

We’re ecstatic to announce our collaboration with Manduka, a firm founded by yogis (and adored by instructors all around the globe) that creates yoga equipment inspired by mindful mentors.



Manduka’s Purpose We were originally drawn to Manduka because they live what they teach.

Their mission, dubbed “Products with a Purpose,” is to provide ethically sourced yoga clothes and accessories while reducing waste. Every product, in turn, represents their core values in a significant manner.

Is there a range of yoga mats made in emission-free factories? Please, yes! Another line of mats produced from tree rubber obtained in a sustainable manner? Absolutely! And what about a line created in energy-efficient facilities with no chemical solvents, hazardous glues, dyes, or phthalates? We don’t know what to say.


Our collaboration is a benefit for you.

Manduka’s mission is shared by Organifi. We contribute to the emergence of conscientious enterprises and customers by providing goods that offer a better lifestyle as well as a better world via sustainable sourcing.

Organifi is devoted to assisting you both on and off your (brand new) mat by partnering with Manduka for International Yoga Day.

Not only that, but our Green Juice has comparable revitalizing, stress-relieving properties to a mind-freeing yoga flow, so combining the two would give you a double dose of good vibes!

Treat yourself – and the world – to a pair of yoga mats that won’t let you down, even on your most stressful days:

Organifi Green Juice may help you get back on track.

Manduka yoga mats can help you re-center.

Conscious Consumption is a term that refers to the act of consuming

Ordering a sustainably sourced superfood mix and a thoughtfully manufactured yoga mat are excellent ways to get started on your own road to conscious consumerism.

It might be daunting to attempt to revamp everything at once, and it’s best to develop endurance and consider the long-term, as well as the practicality of what you can do right now, just like you would with your health.

As you begin each day, we suggest asking yourself a simple question:

What choices can I make today to support businesses, individuals, and projects that share my values?

Then make deliberate selections that support your response to the question.

Your choice of impact-driven enterprises like ours, which walk the walk in terms of sourcing, packaging, and design, is a huge step in the right direction. We’re ecstatic that folks like you are interested. To your health, as well as the planet’s. One of the many reasons our Organi-family is the finest in the world is because of this.

Here’s where you can learn more about Manduka’s product line and conscious goal.

The “manduka pro black magic” is a yoga mat that has been designed to be sustainable. This mat is made from natural rubber and recycled plastics. The mat also comes with a lifetime guarantee.