Lightweight Yoga Mats For Travel

Best Lightweight Yoga Mats For Travel

Mats are an essential aspect of your yoga system. Anyway, when you “travel” you will consistently need to travel with as little luggage as possible and will presumably search for lightweight yoga mats to keep your gear light.

Notwithstanding, with a large number of choices out there, it may very well be hard for you to pick the best from the market. You can get overpowered with the decisions, and in some cases, it takes quite a while to decide; Which is somewhat of an exercise in futility.

Not to stress anymore. We chose to do the hard examination on your part to concoct the six best lightweight yoga Mats for movement, accessible in the market. It took our group very nearly 68 hours to survey and converse with genuine clients to concoct this rundown

Here goes our rundown of  Top 6, which you should peruse through and take your pick as per your decision and prerequisites.

Thus, without burning through any time gives up through the rundown.


Top 6 Lightweight Yoga Mats For Travelling

  • YOGA DESIGN LAB | The Travel Yoga Mat

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With regards to lightweight mats for traveling, this is a decent decision. Yoga Design Lab Travel Yoga Mat has two layers-one of regular elastic, and the other has reused plastic water bottles

It is simple to overlap and fit it in a workout bag. It weighs around 1.8 lbs.

In light of the double layer, it is marginally harder- than different mats in this classification. It is adept for hot yoga meetings.

The delicate permeable surface becomes like a yoga towel. It is somewhat thicker (1 mm) than different mays and has a plush and cush surface.

This mat is eco-friendly and easy to fold. Also, these mats can be machine washed too.

  • Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Travel Mat

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This mat is one of the top picks of hikers. The Manduka eKO Travel Mat is super light and can be effortlessly collapsed and fitted in any baggage.

It is made with natural elastic. So, it is eco-accommodating. The surface of the texture gives a decent foothold even in sweat.

The eKO Superlite is 2 lb and 1.5 mm thick while the Lite is 4.4 lb and 4 mm thick. There are various tones to look over. These mats are made of natural rubber so it can be easily washed, rinsed, and dried. They provide good traction and are easy to fold.

  • Gaiam Yoga Mat Folding Travel Fitness & Exercise Mat

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This mat is a very amicable spending plan and is accessible in printed designs. Gaiam Folding Travel Mat is 68 x 24 inches x 2 millimeters when completely open and overlaps up into a sack the size of a 10 x 12-inch square.

This mat has punctured lines for simple collapsing. This mat likewise helps in legitimate body arrangement. It is extraordinarily clingy and has a non-slip surface. It weighs around 1.8 lbs.

Clients depend on this mat because of the simplicity of hefting around. These mats are designed to remember traveling needs.

You don’t have to worry about the price as they are just in your budget.

  • Jade Travel Yoga Mat

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It is very tough and durable. The Jade Travel Yoga Mat is made of open-cell characteristic elastic, which gives a decent hold. It additionally provides additional padding.

This mat is additionally marginally longer than different choices, which makes it simpler to rehearse various stances. It is likewise a most loved decision with regards to lightweight mats for movement

This mat comes at a premium cost. However, in the wake of assessing ourselves and conversing with different clients, we felt it merits the value that it cites.

No toxic materials are used to make this mat. It is eco-friendly. This mat is longer than the other mats; So, You will have enough room to perform your yoga.

It also has a super grip; So, You will not have to fear falling while performing any difficult pose of yoga.

  • YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat

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It is the most ideal decision for incessant explorers. The YOGO Ultralight Yoga Mat accompanies a smaller convey case. It is likely the lightest and generally adaptable.

This mat is made with sustainable tree elastic, which makes it excessively clingy for a decent grasp.

They are eco-accommodating also because they plant a tree for each buy. The conveying case additionally makes it simple to hang and dry after washing.

The collapsing instrument never lets the top and base touch. Along these lines, you can have confidence that no germs contact your body when you lie on it.

This mat from YOGO is so lightweight that; it can be carried easily anywhere you want. It provides you with a tight hold on the floor; So, you don’t have to worry at all about falling. Also, it is very flexible that it can easily fit into a tote bag or suitcase.

  • Sugarmat Travel Yoga Set

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Going to our last recommendation for lightweight yoga mats for movement, we have the Sugarmat Travel Mat. It weighs around 2.4 lbs.

It is made out of regular elastic and has a softened cowhide top, which is delicate. This mat is an inviting spending plan too.

Regarding look and feel, we truly enjoyed this one. It gives an original look with Indian traditional plan components.

It has a High-density cushion that provides joint protection and unmatched support, which guarantees to not wear out from yoga practice.

Also, it is easy to maintain; you can simply wipe it with a clean cloth after a few spritzes of the yoga mat spray. It can be Hand-washed too but remember not to spin-dry. Hang it to air-dry and Above all, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Lightweight Yoga Mats; A Must Have for all Yogi’s

Wellness lovers or individuals who practice yoga constantly could never need to miss a solitary meeting, regardless of whether they are traveling. The best portion of yoga is that it very well may be done anyplace and all over. All you need is your assurance and – your mat.

The advantages of yoga are acknowledged around the world. It is the finished detoxification and revival of your whole body and soul. When you start yoga, it turns into an integral part of your life.

You may begin feeling uncomfortable or awkward if you miss doing yoga in any event, for a day. It is an essential morning schedule for some. Subsequently, they like to do yoga in any event; when they are traveling.

In this way, a decent mat ought to be an aspect of your baggage while traveling. Mats for traveling ought to be lightweight yet durable enough to withstand mileage.

Also, they can’t be cleaned too now and again, while traveling and material, and Also some different properties should be contemplated.

Lightweight Yoga Mats For Travel; Buying Guide

Regardless of whether you go to the mountains or love hanging out by the seashore, or you are venturing out to any aspect of the world, you don’t need to miss your yoga meetings ever.

You can simply reveal your mat amid Nature or in a retreat and appreciate a loosening up meeting like you have consistently been doing.

A decent yoga mat ought to resemble a great friend, so you have to pick it carefully. Here are a couple of boundaries that will assist you in choosing the correct one for you. In some cases, travel mats have less cushioning for making it light in weight. So, individuals with touchy joints probably won’t be agreeable.

Thus, you ought to preferably pick the one which has adequate cushioning.


Travel mats should light for the simplicity of compactness. They ought not to gauge more than a couple of pounds.


A significant factor to consider. How effectively the mat can be collapsed and fitted into the gear. It ought to be likewise simple to clean.


Solace and Grip

The solace relies upon the thickness. If it is excessively flimsy, your joints may sting. However, a thicker one gets cumbersome to go with”. Along these lines, the correct harmony among solace and thickness should be determined. Close by this, the tenacity or grasp of the mat is additionally a significant factor.


You ought to likewise pick the correct material while purchasing mats for traveling. Regularly travel mats- accompany a meager elastic base which more gripper with sweat to forestall slipping.


At long last, one ought to maintain a strategic distance from harmful and PVC material mats. Or maybe, eco-accommodating and zero-squander creation strategy items ought to be liked.

Finishing up Thoughts

Regardless of whether you are a regular voyager to a periodic one, don’t miss pressing in your mat to revive yourself during get-aways also.

The expectation of our proposals for lightweight mats for traveling has been useful for you. Take your pick and make the most of your days off to the best of wellbeing.

We will cherish it on the off chance that you like something from our choice and think that it is helpful.