Manduka PROlite Review

Manduka PROlite Review


I’ve been using Manduka PROlite yoga mats for years now, and I love them. They are one of the best quality products out there that you can find on the market today. My only complaint is that they’re not cheap! If you decide to purchase this product make sure it’s a good day in order to justify your investment because these mats will last you many years.


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Features of Manduka PROlite

2. 4x7mm Thickness
3. 5-year Warranty when sold and shipped by Amazon


A yoga mat needs to be extremely durable, and the Manduka PROlite, which is made from a specially developed material that’s both lightweight yet strong enough to perform in your most demanding poses. It doesn’t get any more challenging than when you’re at Warrior II or Upward Facing Dog! The mesh-like surface of this mat creates an open window for optimal air flow, so no matter how intense your workout gets—you’ll still have enough breath left over to keep yourself going.


2. 4x7mm Thickness

The PROlite with its 2.4-inch diameter offers a thick, supportive platform for your feet and calves that provide comfort during any workout or activity. Each layer is held in place by an interlocking notched design that provides stability without adding unnecessary weight to the shoe. The upper of this durable shoe is made from two layers of ultra-lightweight stretch fabric so it doesn’t weigh you down while providing smooth movement through an active range of motion


3. 5-year Warranty when sold and shipped by Amazon

This small, travel-friendly yoga mat is made of a moisture-wicking material that absorbs sweat and keeps you cool to minimize the effects of perspiration. If it’s anything like our Manduka PROlite
Mat (which was one of our Top Picks) then this pro would be durable enough for even the most intense poses. This model also has improved grip thanks to its textured design which does not need sticky tape or any other adhesives; it gets rid of all extra pieces so your hands are free for whatever pose comes next.


Reviews & Ratings of Manduka PROlite

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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Monduka PROlite is a yoga mat.
This product has 17 customer reviews on Amazon, and they have awarded the Manduka PROlite 4.7 stars out of a possible 5, with an average score of 4.6
The buyer’s satisfaction seems to be very high: “Amazingly light for its size! Very durable yet soft enough to use without discomfort
I would recommend this mat and company if you are looking for quality mats at affordable prices.,” etc.. There were also some minor complaints about it being too slippery in certain conditions but these did not seem to stop buyers from giving the Manduka PROlite rave reviews nonetheless.



Manduka PROlite is a lightweight, portable yoga mat that can fold up into a compact size for easy transport. It also has an ergonomic design and comes with carrying straps to make it easier to carry in your bag or on the go. Manduka PROlite is one of the most popular mats on Amazon because it’s so versatile and durable.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Manduka PROlite worth?

A: The PROlite is a great mat, but it is not worth the price. It is much more affordable to buy a cheaper mat and get your own PROlite cover.

Which is better Manduka PRO or PROlite?

A: The PROlite is a cheaper version of the Manduka PRO. It has less padding, but it is still very comfortable to use.

Is Manduka PROlite slippery?

A: The PROlite is a very grippy mat, so it will not slip while you are practicing.


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