NamasBey is the New Yoga Trend for Beyoncé-Loving Yogis

If you’ve been to yoga class lately, you’ve probably seen the new trend: NamasBey  is the new yoga trend for Beyoncé-loving yogis.  NamasBey is a unique class in that it combines yoga, pilates, and pilates with Beyoncé’s music.  The music is played while yogis do hip-hop poses, flow, and then break dance.  The music also happens to be a huge part of Beyoncé’s life, as her last album was inspired by her music.  The class has a focus on inner strength and balance as well as a focus on Beyoncé’s music.

NamasBey is the new yoga trend for Beyoncé-loving yogis.

When Beyoncé and her crew took a trip to Japan in September, they spent a few days practicing at a Tokyo gym. After returning to the United States, the entire Beyhive went stark raving mad, and were soon raving madly about “NamasBey”—a yoga trend that combines Beyoncé’s dance moves with yoga poses. I’m not sure what the deal is with this “NamasBey” trend, but apparently it’s pretty powerful.. Read more about beyond yoga and let us know what you think.

Calling all yogi ladies (and fellas) and Beyoncé fans: the newest trend in themed yoga sessions combines your two life passions: yoga and Beyoncé. NamasBey, also known as Bey-Asana in certain studios, is the Beyonce-themed yoga session you’ve been waiting for.

These Beyonce-themed yoga sessions began in Los Angeles and Philadelphia and have now spread to other places such as Houston. Yoga instructor Paul Schneider (who is also the founder of Namasdrake) from Los Angeles believes that themed sessions like NamasBey inspire more people to try yoga, particularly novices who may be intimidated by the conventional yoga class setting.

Yoga with Beyoncé in Houston and Los Angeles

Schneider told the Houston Press that the aim of NamasBey courses is to “making Hatha yoga enjoyable and less frightening to novices, or even to individuals who may never have tried yoga in their lives if it weren’t for merging it with their favorite musician.”

Susie Edebor and her husband Nosa also teach Bey-Asana courses at their yoga facility in Houston. The pair told Houston Press that their first Beyonce-themed yoga session took place in 2015 as a one-time fundraiser to assist Nosa pay the expenses of his yoga teacher training. However, since the event was covered in their local newspaper, it received a lot of publicity and quickly grew in popularity.

“Beyoncé is a symbol of empowerment, strength, and energy in Houston, and we wanted to do something exciting to bring all of that together while connecting people.”

Chanting, Ohming, the Sanskrit and sutras, and seeing your fellow yogis easily glide through poses—true it’s that all of these things may make a newbie’s first yoga session daunting. To combat this, these new class themes are making yoga more accessible to individuals who like to namastay-in-bed or who don’t quite fit in with the traditional yoga set.

Are themed yoga sessions, in your opinion, a good approach to make yoga more attractive and inviting to a broader audience? Would you sign up for a Beyoncé-inspired class? Please share your views in the comments section!

Yoga has become a popular trend in mainstream culture, and for good reason. It’s an excellent way to maintain a healthy mind, body, and soul, and is usually a great stress reliever. Along with the many benefits of yoga, what’s also great about it is how ancient it is, which makes it even more appealing to younger generations. But however beneficial yoga may be, there’s one thing that’s also great about it—Beyoncé, the pop icon and one of the greatest performers of all time.. Read more about best yoga on youtube and let us know what you think.

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