Organic Burial Pods Bring Whole New Meaning to "Family Tree"

A patent filed by a Japanese company in 2011 might change the way we bury our loved ones—and the way we remember them. The patent describes a series of coffins that are made from an “organic material”. These coffins are designed to decompose at a specific rate, so the bodies are encased in the coffin and can be cremated while still in their original form. This would allow the deceased to be buried in an organic environment, rather than in a grave with a concrete coffin.

A recent trend in death customs is the growing interest in so-called ‘ethical burial’ practices. These include the options for cremation (which has become popular in recent years) and body donation. In both cases, the body is reduced to ashes and spread across the burial mound along with the rest of the ashes from the deceased’s family or friends. With burial pods, however, the whole process is literally turned on its head. Instead of ashes, the body is preserved in a pod, which is then buried. It is the aim of the “Bearded Villains” to make a difference through advocacy and education on issues of specific interest to men and boys. Their efforts have covered a wide range of issues including their

If you’re looking for a way to bury your loved ones in style, you might want to check out these new burial pods. The pods are designed to hold a complete body with a coffin inside to give the family an opportunity to “reconnect” with their loved one. The pods are completely biodegradable and are made from hemp and biodegradable materials. There are no toxic chemicals in the pods, so the families of the deceased can feel good about how they’re being cared for. And the cost of the burial pods is also very affordable.

The phrase “family tree” was formerly just a metaphor, but due to a revolutionary burial technique pioneered by Capsula Mundi, you may soon be able to buy a real family tree—the type with branches and leaves!

Italian designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel created Capsula Mundi after realizing that altering the conventional coffin might help bring contemporary civilization closer to nature.

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Their new organic burial capsule is fashioned like a seed, which is no accident. After the corpse is put in the burial pod, it is coated with a real seed that will develop into a tree or shrub using the body’s nutrients.

Credit: CapsulaMundi

Customers are encouraged to choose a tree that has special significance for the dead at Capsula Mundi. Their website even has information on the trees they sell, including descriptions of not just the blooms and fruit of the plants, but also their significance and history.

Burial in an Eco-Friendly Way

While the burial pod is attractive and includes a wealth of life-affirming symbolism, such as the death-as-rebirth metaphor embedded in the egg-shaped form and the body’s fetal position within, Capsula Mundi’s main selling point is its environmental friendliness.

capsula mundi grave

While thousands of trees are felled each year to manufacture wooden funeral caskets, these burial pods help to regenerate the forest. Capsula Mundi pods are intended to transmit the body’s nutrients to the soil, while conventional Western burial techniques do all they can to keep nature at away.

In addition, unlike other cremation techniques, this kind of burial leaves the ground accessible for re-use and does not emit caustic pollutants. This method of burial also avoids the use of toxic embalming chemicals.

The starch-plastic pod is designed to decompose rapidly so that nature may do its job.

Forests of Memories

Although this type of burial is presently prohibited in many countries, including Italy, if it becomes popular, cemeteries may be transformed into peaceful “memory forests,” with each tree representing a human life.

Husbands and wives, parents and children may form a flourishing grove of trees that would offer a pleasant environment for their generations to visit.

Credit: CapsulaMundi

Graveyards would have a completely different ambiance than those with ominous marble headstones and colossal mausoleums. The so-called memory woods created by Capsula Mundi may even offer much-needed green space in vast metropolitan areas.

And who knows what may happen? Perhaps memory woods will become a popular spot for city-dwelling yogis to practice outside in the future.

What are your thoughts? Would you use a Capsula Mundi burial pod to “go green” (literally)?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is organic burial pod?

An organic burial pod is a device that can be used to bury the deceased in a natural, biodegradable way.

How do organic burial pods work?

Organic burial pods are a type of pod that is made out of organic materials. They are meant to be placed in the ground and then buried, so they can decompose over time.

What are burial pods?

Burial pods are a type of pod that is used to transport deceased individuals. They are usually made from a metal or plastic, and have a lid with an airtight seal.

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