The Evolution of The PRO Mat

The PRO Mat is a passive mat designed to help you maximize your workouts. Made from recycled rubber, this yoga mat can be placed in the sun or washed with soap and water for easy care when you’re done!

The “manduka pro” is a yoga mat that has been around for quite some time. It was originally designed to be used by professional athletes, but the company later decided to make it more accessible and affordable to the general public.

The Evolution of The PRO Mat

We’ve been watching the evolution of yoga – and people who choose to practice it – for over 30 years. We’ve discovered that no matter why individuals start yoga in the first place — for fitness, flexibility, stress reduction, or strength – the reason they join isn’t always the reason they remain.  


We think that yoga is for everyone, and that it has something wonderful to give everyone. 


We aspire to offer everyone with access to the numerous advantages of yoga via innovation, education, and opportunity. 


We make high-quality yoga equipment with measurable benefits, support for our studios and communities, and initiatives to assist people get started with yoga. 



Our Legendary PRO Mat’s Evolution 


PRO Mat 

  • Designed with care and ethically produced in a zero-emission facility 


PRO lite 

  • We created a more thin, easy-to-transport mat in response to demand for a lighter profile mat, thereby reducing environmental waste by using every square inch of the product’s surface before it’s sliced into individual mats. 



  • This mat was created for those on the move who need optimal support and portability.  


PRO Kids 

  • Teachers love our #1 recommended mat, which is specifically made for children. 
  • This is OEKO-TEX® certified, much as our PRO Mat Series, to keep your kids safe. 
  • It comes in two sizes to accommodate various ages and heights. 


PRO Mat (Extra Large) 

You requested a bigger mat. We Delivered — the ideal platform for your at-home studio, with all of the benefits of our original PRO mat. Available in two sizes to allow you to customize your setup. 

1. ADVANTAGE The squared dimension is 78″ x 78″ and can accommodate two people.

2. PRO Long & Wide dimension is 79″ x 52″ – enabling you to easily convert your living room into a home studio and back. 


What’s the bottom line?

Manduka will be there for you, no matter where you are in your yoga journey, with the creativity, education, and community that will allow you to both experience and share the transformational power of yoga.  

To learn more about the Pro Series, click here. 



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The “manduka pro uk” is a mat that has been around for quite some time. The PRO Mat has seen many changes since its inception in the 70s. It is still used today, and will continue to be used for years to come.