The Power of Play in Yoga

In this article, you’ll read about the power of play in yoga. How you can incorporate play into a yoga practice to improve the quality of your practice and deepen your experience. My hope is that this inspires you to play in your practice and to have fun while doing so.

Play is vital to our wellbeing and it can also be a great tool for yoga practitioners. The playful aspects of yoga are useful in the practice of pranayama (breathing exercises), as well as in the relaxation phases of asanas (poses). Through playful imagination, we can bring a sense of playfulness into a serious practice. The playful aspect of yoga can be used as an effective tool for pranayama, by bringing us to the moments when we are playful, allowing us to take in a greater experience of the exercise. This takes us to the next level of our practice.

Yoga was born in the Indian sub-continent thousands of years ago. Despite that, its roots are still as varied as the many people who practice it. Many versions of yoga are practiced all around the world, but its purpose remains the same: the practice of yoga as a mental and physical exercise to promote well-being and overall well-being.. Read more about kids yoga poses and let us know what you think.

On our mats, our minds often slip into the traps of perfectionism and control. It’s all too easy to get caught up with having perfect alignment and being serious about your yoga practice. But keep in mind that a “yoga practice” is simply that: a practice. This isn’t a “yoga perfect” person. So why not make your practice a little more enjoyable? Bringing a humorous attitude to your yoga practice may really assist to boost your results. Here are a few questions to consider as you consider how to incorporate a playful attitude into your practice.

Recognize your fears and face them front on.

We didn’t have as many worries as children. We’d climb into a tree house, leap from rocks, and swing as high as we could. As adults, we’ve had a lot of life events that have made us fearful of participating in a fun pastime. We’ll keep them with us at all times. As a result, ACCEPT that you have fears, accept that you have them, and then FACE them.

How to play: If you’re like most people and spend the bulk of your day on your feet, arm balances and inversions may turn your world upside down and push you out of your comfort zone.

Don’t think, just jump.

When you were a child, you wouldn’t think twice about jumping if someone told you to. You’d simply leave! Jump! How far have you gone?! But now, you may hesitate when your yoga instructor tells you to JUMP to the top of your mat while you’re in downward facing dog… Do you start evaluating the benefits and drawbacks, choosing whether or not you want to do it, attempting to figure out how you’ll make it happen, and imagining how you’ll look if you do? Don’t be hesitant to give it a go! Take a chance! You’ll have to wait and see what occurs, and you may be surprised.

Jumping from one position to the next is a fun way to play. It may be leaping from downdog to forward fold or downdog to crow posture!

Get back up if you fall.

Allowing yourself to have fun in your yoga practice also means allowing yourself to take yourself less seriously. We explore, attempt new things, and go beyond of our comfort zones when we play. And every now and then, you’ll surprise yourself by discovering a new movement that you like. You may fall down at other times. It’s possible you’ll crash. You may wind up someplace you didn’t intend to go. That’s OK.

How to play: If you fall out of a posture, get back into it as soon as possible. Try something new or try it again.


“Now, draw the corners of your lips up towards your eyes,” is my favorite cue – [put yourself into a tough, hard posture]. SMILE!!” Even feigning a grin may help you feel better.

How to play: Laugh your heart out!

“Life must be lived as if it were a game.” -Plato

Changing your attitude on the mat may have a big effect on your life off the mat. Inviting play into your practice will begin to open your mind to other areas of your life where play is possible, as well as new possibilities you may not have considered previously.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is power play yoga?

Power play yoga is a form of yoga that focuses on the power of your breath and poses to help you feel strong, powerful, and confident.

Does yoga give power?

Yoga is a great way to get your body in shape and relieve stress. It also helps you feel more centered and relaxed, which can help give you power.

Which yoga is most important?

Yoga is a practice that encompasses many different types of physical and mental disciplines. The most important type of yoga for you to do depends on your individual needs, goals, and desires.

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