Under Armour Women’s Base 3.0 Crew-Neck T-Shirt Review

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Under Armour Women's Base 3.0 Crew-Neck T-Shirt Review

The Women’s Base 3.0 Crew-Neck T-Shirt from Under Armour is a comfortable, lightweight shirt that will keep you cool on the hottest days of summer and warm in cooler weather.Under Armour has been making high quality athletic wear for over 20 years now and their long history of producing top products means that this t-shirt won’t let you down! If I were looking for a new t-shirt to replace my old one, I would go with the Women’s Base 3.0 Crew Neck T Shirt by Under Armor

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Features of Under Armour Women’s Base 3.0 Crew-Neck T-Shirt

1. Imported2. Machine Wash Cold with Like Colors3. Tumble Dry Low4. Do Not Iron 5. UA Base 3 6-way Stretch Construction

1. Imported

Under Armour has been making quality apparel for over twenty five years and is a leader in sports gear.

2. Machine Wash Cold with Like Colors

Under Armour Women’s Base 3.0 Crew-Neck T-Shirt is made of sweat wicking and quick drying fabric, with a sleek design for the perfect athleisure look to go with your active lifestyle. It also has allover reflective patching that helps keep you visible at night or when walking through dark areas such as parks and shopping malls, ensuring comfort on every outing no matter the weather conditions.

3. Tumble Dry Low

This sporty women’s t-shirt is made of lightweight, flexible fabric that dries quickly and wicks away moisture so you stay dry.

4. Do Not Iron

This is a crew-neck T-shirt from Under Armour that comes with an anti-wrinkle finish and doesn’t need to be ironed.

5. UA Base 3

This t-shirt is made from a moisture-wicking fabric which will help keep you cool, dry and comfortable while you work out. It has a vented back to help release heat, so it’s perfect for when the weather heats up as well. With UA Base 3 in your wardrobe, you can always be on top of things with this versatile tee that goes anywhere.

6-way Stretch Construction

A crew-neck t-shirt is a versatile garment. It’s essential for layering as autumn sets in, but if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and show your team pride then this Under Armour Women’s Base 3.0 Crew-Neck T-Shirt is perfect for you! Made from 100% polyester it will keep its shape so even after washing there won’t be any need to iron it before wearing. The shirt features 6 different way stretch construction which means that not only does it fit perfectly but also has excellent mobility allowing total freedom of movement on the court or field.

Reviews & Ratings of Under Armour Women’s Base 3.0 Crew-Neck T-Shirt

Our Rating: 4.8 Out of 5 Stars

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The Under Armour Women’s Base 3.0 Crew-Neck T-Shirt is a great shirt for athletes and other people who work out frequently. It has a light, breathable material that allows it to stay cool in the summer heat and warm in colder weather without being uncomfortable or restricting movement. The sleeves have thumb holes which are not only perfect for keeping hands warmer than normal but also prevent them from getting sweaty when doing high intensity activities like weightlifting or rowing.Some customers mentioned how they wished this was available with long arms, while others were satisfied with the length of the sleeves as is because it doesn’t ride up during activity (a con some might say). One customer said, “If you love yoga then get one.”Other positive reviews included: “I bought this tee after wearing an older version at Crossfit” and good points about sizing such as “(8) small fit well enough I could wear under my compression top”.That makes it very easy for me to recommend the Under Armour Women’s Base 3.0 Crew-Neck T-Shirt as well; especially to anyone looking for a versatile workout piece that will keep you comfortable no matter what your physical activities may be!


In summary, the Under Armour Women’s Base 3.0 Crew-Neck T-Shirt is a comfortable and soft shirt that runs true to size. The material feels great against your skin and its wide neckline gives extra coverage for women athletes sweating through intense training sessions or competitions.

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