Yoga Mats – 30 Inch Wide

Yoga Mats – 30 inch wide Choosing a yoga mat that suits your body type is the key to a good experience. When trying to figure out the right size and type for you, don’t forget the comfort factor! For maximum stretching and practice benefits, ensure your yoga mat should have ample space for your body to move freely as well as high-density foam padding to support spines, joints and muscles sufficiently, without interfering with your yoga poses.

If you are looking for an extra wide yoga mat, we recommend you.

The 30-inch Wide yoga mat


Why 30-Inch-Wide Yoga Mats?

Because the bigger the mat the more comfortable and more convenient it will be.

30-inch-Wide Yoga Mats is a fantastic solution for yoga enthusiasts who need to stretch their body freely without compromising comfort. The mat allows you to stretch out as much as you need to.  we understand the discomfort you feel when you extend over your personal area. This 30-inch yoga mat is a best choice for you as it helps you to enhance your practice, to get the most benefit out of the exercises that you do and allows flow from pose to pose comforting you in your own personal exercise zone.

Our research to find you the best yoga mats for your body size is very fruitful. These mats come in a variety of colors that are strong and vivacious, so you will have something to match whatever theme you may have. However, the requirement of the material used for the yoga mats should be the same for all the yogis. Because, when it comes to hot yoga, most standard mats simply do not withstand the heat and humidity. But these mats also come with an anti-slip pad so you will never be in danger of tripping or falling while performing your yoga exercises. Also, while performing power yoga, some people could not bear the knee pain every time they come into contact with the floor. So, keeping this in mind the mat is designed to be flexible and extremely comfortable with luxurious cushioning that gives you the heavenly soft feel.

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Tired of constantly replacing your mats?


The yoga mats are built to last for years. The durability of the pad makes it tough and will hold up well to harsh conditions. The mats are made with luxurious, premium materials and come with anti-tear and scratch resistance properties that allow you to feel great. Also, very comfortable to use and can easily fit into your workout gear when traveling. These yoga mats will bring you more benefits than you could possibly imagine. It will make you more relaxed, reduce the amount of stress in your life, and provide you with amazing, wonderful results while you are using it.

Excited to see what we have got for you? Let’s have a look at the list of our top rated 30-inch-wide yoga mats.

Detailed Review OF 30 INCH YOGA MAT; 4 Top Rated 30-Inch-Wide Yoga Mat:

Yeske Oversize Yoga Mat


The Yeske Oversize Yoga Mat is designed to provide you with ultimate comfort and performance. It is a very strong mat. However, it is still quite light. The mat is 78 inches long, 30 inches wide and 8mm. It weighs around 3.9 pounds. This mat comes with moisture resistance and it is easy to wash. The mat has a grip of Non-Slip TPE material that gives you good grip during your yoga sessions. The mat is also available in various colors.

The outer edge of the mat is wide rectangular configuration with a full length back to ensure that your mat can roll smoothly. The mat is also quite durable and can be used for various sports activities. Apart from your basic strength training exercises, you can also use the mat for physical therapy. As a result, you will definitely achieve the desired results in less time.

Sunny Health & Fitness Yoga Mat


Sunny Health & Fitness Yoga Mats provide a comfortable way to practice yoga. The mat comes in the category of 30inches wide yoga mats and is one of the widest in the market.  It is 72 inch long and 6mm thick yet you can easily roll your mat. The textured surface of the mat is designed with lightweight Thermal Plastic Elastomer (TPE) that gives you maximum comfort and ease of cleaning.

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 CAP Barbell Multi Use Fitness Mat


When you are looking for the perfect fitness equipment, then we suggest you the CAP Barbell Multi-Use Fitness Mat. For those who are highly concerned about hygiene then it is an ideal fitness mat that has antimicrobial protection that prevents growth of microorganisms. This mat also has a memory-foam technology that relieves pain, body aches and soreness and will also help you to recover more quickly from injuries and it is comfortable to use for years to come. It is lightweight and can be washed in a machine.

 Ironcompany Fitness Mat


If you want a little extra then here is the Ironcompany Fitness Mat that is extra wide, extra-long with 72 inches and extra thick 5/8 inches. It weighs around 15.5 pounds and has 20-degree sloped beveled edges that prevent curls from the edges. This mat has a reinforced core which increases resistance to tears, water, heat, etc. The mat is designed with anti-fatigue polyurethane and has a non-slip surface on both sides that provides you better support and comfort which reduces stress on your body while performing exercise.

Top Rated 30-Inch-Wide Yoga Mat; Buying Guide

When purchasing a yoga mat, you need to consider a few factors in order to get the right one for your needs. You should know that a yoga mat is not just a piece of equipment; it can be very helpful if you want best results while practicing yoga.


Since a yoga mat is used in a yoga routine, it is important that the mat has to be at least 30 inches wider than a regular mat which extends only up-to 24 inches, with a small size yoga mat you have to compromise with your comfort area especially when it is about people with wide shoulder,  taller and heavier than an average then with a little wide 30 inches yoga mats, the practitioner can do all the poses comfortably.

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 Texture and Grip

The texture and grip of the mats are also very important. For a safe yoga session, the yoga mat should have anti-skid properties and a solid grip gives you stability and helps to balance while performing yoga poses.

 Material Used

Nowadays a majority of yoga mats are usually made up of rubber, jute, cork, etc. which are known to be eco-friendly and also sustainable. It is also essential to have a mat that has plastic and PVC free material.


If you are on a hiking expedition and also a yoga enthusiast still prefers to take your yoga mats along with you, then mats with lightweight are best and are easy to carry.

Other factors

Other important factors that should be included are ease of washing and maintenance, durability, color, patterns, odorless,etc.



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