Yoga Trapeze Installation Guide

What is a Yoga Trapeze?

A Yoga Trapeze is a very powerful device that is used in the art of yoga. It has a rope attached to its head, that makes it a very difficult object to execute complex yoga postures on.

The rope is used to perform such yoga postures as the types of twists and other positions that are not too easy to do on a flat surface. This makes it a very powerful piece of equipment, and a great piece of equipment to use for all kinds of yoga classes.

What kind of Yoga Trapeze is used for yoga training? 

A modern-day Yoga Trapeze is used by athletes, yoga practitioners and also professionals in sports like baseball, basketball, gymnastics, acrobatics, martial arts, and surfing. Athletes and Yoga practitioners use them to perform aerobics and flexibility exercises that are not very easy to perform on a flat surface.

Why is Yoga Trapeze Needed? Benefits

One of the most common questions from clients is about why is Yoga Trapeze Needed? To answer this question, we need to take a look at how the trapeze poles are used. A rope that’s long enough is fastened to a pole in a manner that the rope is pulled in an upward direction and then the end of the rope is unhooked and rolled outwards in an inverted manner. The trapeze or rope ladder is pulled in an upward direction by the rope and when the rope reaches the top, it is not pulled any further because the user pulls it back down to the bottom of the pole where it is folded up.

Because the rope is fastened in such a way that it sends fresh oxygen to your brain, your nervous system is kept in a steady state of performance throughout the day. You can use a trapeze as a support for strength training activities and as a form of balancing and core strengthening exercises. As the user leans forwards, his spine remains in a neutral position, which in turn sends oxygen to your brain and makes your central nervous system more alert and focused. It’s an excellent exercise tool to keep people on a healthy weight gain program.

Another reason why Yoga Trapeze is such a good exercise tool is because the activity of inversion promotes circulation of blood. The sense of balance when you are on the trapeze helps to strengthen your posture awareness. It’s a great way to get into a habit of proper spinal alignment as well as overall posture awareness. With the steady flow of blood to your brain, you become more aware of how your body works. Over time, you will develop a greater level of mental acuity. With these reasons why is Yoga Trapeze Needed? Benefits we will be able to draw on to help individuals live healthier lifestyles.


How to Hang a Yoga Trapeze?

Yoga trapezes are the best prop to perform complicated yoga outdoors and indoors as well. However, if you have made up your mind to use yoga trapeze. Here the big question arises is how to and where to hang them.

First of all, just find a safe place to hang them and make the objects to which you are hanging trapeze should be strong enough to hold the weight otherwise there is a chance of accidents to happen.

Yoga trapeze can be hung outside of your house to places like the garage, trees, over a swing set in your lawn.

Now if we hang yoga trapeze indoors then that will be the safest place as compared to outdoors. You can hang yoga trapeze to ceiling hooks and can enjoy your yoga but for more safety place a dense cushioned mat. In any case, if you lose your hold or the yoga trapeze are not strong enough then the mats can save you from getting hurt.

Well, these rough ideas will help to some extent but it is recommended to get it done by a professional so that there will be less chance of injuries.

However. There are Two ways to hang yoga trapeze are

  1. Exposed beam setup
  2. Ceiling hooks setup

How to hang a Yoga trapeze?

METHOD 1 – Exposed beam setup

Now-a-days many houses are built with exposed beams. So if you have such an exposed beam at your house then it is the safest place to hang the yoga trapeze. But here the questions arise: how can we hang them?

Don’t worry just with a few simple steps the set up can be done.

  • Drape the rope of yoga trapeze over the beam in such a way that it hangs equally.
  • Now pull back the fabric of the yoga trapeze on the carabiner clips of the main sling.
  • Then clip both the looped ends of the ropes and pass them through the knotted end.
  • At last repeat the same process with the carabiner clip on the handle.

METHOD 2 – Ceiling hooks setup

Ceiling hooks are a very common thing to get as they are easily available in shops and also online. To hang the yoga trapeze all you need is ceiling hooks.

Ceiling hooks can easily be mounted into wooden beams as well as concrete ceilings.

Most of the house has ceiling hooks already placed in them to hang the swings but if you don’t have any swing then yoga trapeze can be swings can give only the leisure of simply sit and move but yoga trapeze will give you a lifetime benefit by improving your health and keeping you fit.


How to Hang Yoga Trapeze from Concrete Ceiling?

Well to hang yoga trapeze to concrete ceiling you will definitely need ceiling hooks which are specially designed for it.

Before hanging the yoga trapeze, you need to be clear about a few things.

  • Ceiling hooks work well with both on concrete as well as wood.
  • They are affordable in price.
  • They can be mounted in a simple way.
  • The most important thing is that they provide strength and security to the yoga trapeze.

To hang a yoga trapeze from ceiling, things you need are as follows:

  1. A measuring tape
  2. One pen
  3. Two ceiling Hooks
  4. For pilot holes hammer drill of 6mm
  5. To create the bolt holes hammer drill of 12mm
  6. A wrench
  7. Ladder
  8. Expanding Concrete holes (usually comes along with the ceiling hooks)

Once you gather all these things then start the process of setting it up

Steps to hang a yoga trapeze to ceiling

  • First position the ceiling hooks about 70cms away from one another and then mark with a pen after the desired position.
  • Now take a 6mm hammer drill to create pilot holes and then 12mm drill to create the bolt holes after then just slide the bolts into the pilot holes and tighten and expand them.
  • Fix the plate to the ceiling tightly and strongly with a wrench.

Then follow the same instructions which we have done before to hang yoga trapeze by using ropes.

How to Hang Yoga Trapeze in Doorway?

Why do we need to use the door mount bars for the reason that we hang our yoga trapeze and other kinds of equipment? We are going to discuss this below. So, first of all, what exactly is a door mount bar?

A door mount bar is a common piece of equipment that is widely used by people who want to hang different kinds of equipment such as their trapeze and hoops. What is great about this equipment is that it is very cheap and easy to maintain. It is light in weight and can be easily mounted and dismounted. If you think that this equipment is expensive, then you don’t have to worry because it is really affordable in prices as well.

Are you wondering why door mount bars are used? Actually, it is very important to use this kind of equipment if you want to strengthen your body and keep you healthy. These are some of the benefits that you will get when you hang trapeze with the door mount bar.

  • Improves Your Muscles
  • Proper Balance Posture
  • Self-Confidence
  • Self-Esteem

Equipment and tools that you need to setup a door mount bar

  • A wooden frame of about 4.5 inches.
  • The width of the door frame should be minimum of 26 inches and maximum of 36 inches.
  • A screwdriver will be needed or an electric would be the best.


How much weight can the bar hold?

Well the manufacturers of door mount bars claim that it can hold upto 400lbs of weight. But it is better to get checked by some professional as poor mounting and incomplete knowledge will lead to injuries.

What should be the height for the door mount bar?

The yoga trapeze measures around 50 inches from the carbines to the seat. Therefore, you will require a few extra inches of allotment while hanging the ropes of its and using the bar.

The length of the longest handle of a yoga trapeze usually measures about 53 inches.

To the conclusion…

So, after reading this article, now you would be able to hang yoga trapeze. And All these will benefit you a lot to accomplish all of your goals in life.